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edexcel higher calculator paper too easy?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by languidone, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. any thoughts?
  2. arsinh

    arsinh New commenter

    Make your mind up! Edexcel GCSE papers were so hard it was a human rights issue the other day.
  3. The linear had the cosine rule, the modular didnt.
    The first paper was easy enough, people just focused on 2-3 tough questions in comparison to previous years and got all hot and bothered when in reality it was not remotely close to being as hard as those from 2005 backwards.
    The calculator paper was equally as easy for students who had given a monkeys.
    It will be said time and time again as per the other threads....this is too easy.
  4. I think that much of the griping about the non-calculator paper was about the foundation paper which had some questions that were beyond what any foundation candidate I have ever seen would be able to cope with. The calculator paper balanced it out to some extent.

    The volume,density mass question will, I reckon, be unlikely to receive many wholly correct answers nationally.
  5. Agree.
    Many of my middle of the road B grade students could fully access it,
    The change in units and the DMV factor threw most

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