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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by happylass, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi. Would someone please be able to briefly clarify the format of the Speaking Controlled Assessments for Edexcel please?. I am entering a small group of pupils for GCSE Italian for the first time. I understand they need to sit 2 tasks of between 4-6 minutes each. I am unsure about the presentation task. Is there are list of prescribed topics or do teachers/pupils have a free choice of presentation? Are pupils allowed notes for this? Is it also 30 words as for the open interaction? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we use WJEC for other languages and the format is obviously diffeerent. Many Thanks.
  2. Hi
    The presentation may, effectively, be on anything you wish (as long as it's not identical to a writing task) as Edexcel offers the Centre Devised option, which may be on absolutely anything!
    For all speaking assessments - regardless of task type - pupils may have access to the CA2 form (30 words worth of notes). Remember that the presentation carries less weight than the follow-up questions, so this should be taken into account when preparing your students.
    Hope that helps.

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