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Edexcel GCSE video lesson

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by rentonave, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. In a panic about the 'off text' scare I made sure I filmed a lesson that was very text based and we used some stanislavski exercises as well as some edexcel strategies to look at a scene.
    However, it is just dull... the pupils are participating but don't appear over animated as the task is maybe too structued.. I have no real evaluation sections ( as advised that that aspect isn't marked) - and to be honest, it's not that impressive compared to their other work on the text- no one is in the top band on the dvd (though 2 are across the whole unit)
    My Unit 1 dvd is much much better and they are animated and you can hear them discussing and planning in a very articulate way. It is like they are two different classes!!
    I think I was so concerned that the session was ON TEXT that i limited their opportunities to be really creative.I am just going to mark them and hope that the moderator can appreciate that other sessions have been far stronger. I am hoping this may be one of the benefits of having the same moderator for both units
    Any advice appreciated
  2. Let's see if I can clarify this from my understanding of the spec and the advice Edexcel have given.If you are hot seating, the work must inform the student's understanding of the play, so must be linked to it. So, if I use A View From The Bridge as my example text in this post, hot seating Eddie about his feelings for Catherine half way through the play would be considered to inform the text and be acceptable, imagining that Eddie has a change of heart and accepts Marco's apology would be off-text and unacceptable because it doesn't happen in the play. Another example: forum theatre. Using FT to explore different ways of acting the boxing/chair lifting scene is fine because it informs understanding of the text; however, using FT and having Rodolpho beat Eddie in the boxing would not be acceptable as it doesn't happen in the text. Provided that the work undertaken informs students' understanding of the text, it is acceptable. (My italics.) A final example, using everyone's favourite, Blood Brothers: Mickey confronting Eddie on Jeremy Kyle is off text and not acceptable. I don't think any of the above contradicts any earlier advice from the Board.You are right that AO3 Evaluation is not assessed in the practical exploration; however, having some in the lesson is useful to you as a teacher, shows the moderator some of their understanding - although it isn't assessed - and gives the students the opportunity to articulate thoughts that they will need to remember and use in their documentary responses. So, I'd advise that some evaluation is done in lessons - just don't do too much of it because it's not assessed.Finally, if your record of work is detailed and clearly shows what you did in what session etc., then, the moderator will be able to see that other sessions are stronger. And, of course, what your students write about the other sessions will also show that. Yes, I think moderators having both units is going to be a benefit: you will feel happier with the results, you will know that if marks are different between units, then there's an issue for you as a school to address for next year.
  3. Thanks Arthur.

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