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Edexcel GCSE Science November Cash in option

Discussion in 'Science' started by mesh, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. HI all,

    My school does core science in year 10 and additional science in year 11. Because the summer exams are in May and we are struggling to complete the course and do the controlled assessments in time I am thinking of cashing in the "Core GCSE" in november instead of June. This will also have the advantage that we have a better idea of grade boundaries by then. Obviously the down side is that the 40% rule means the pupils will have to also resit a module in november with only the resit mark counting. Are other schools also considering this or just cashing in in June and moving onto additonal in Year11?
  2. We have taken the option of November cash in for the Core science. We reentered our students for B1 this week after the carcrash in January and so we have put back entries for the Physics til November and will also do the CAU to cash in then. May 15 will see students sit C1 that they were half way through studying before the exam results so they have time to pick up and complete the content. Disadvantage is there is no option of a resit for the P1 but they are starting their P1 study this week alongside C1. Once the May exam is done they will start P2 and we hope to get P1 and P2 examined in November. Students have 9 hours a fortnight split between 2 teachers in case you were wondering about the logistics.
  3. We are cashing in in november as it means we can do resits in the summer spend longer on the coursework and see what the march exam results are like.
  4. Great minds think alike. Encouraging that others are thinking the same.

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