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EDEXCEL GCSE Science (2011 spec) November entry module results.

Discussion in 'Science' started by Sar2008, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. chris_easby

    chris_easby New commenter

    Hot off the press ladies and gentlemen,
    I spoke to an edexcel representative yesterday (who I will keep anonymous). I had a long chat about various issues with the new GCSE science course. The details were mainly as I expected with one little gem....
    ....she told me that the November markers were gven specific instructions to mark to the letter of the mark scheme, with no credit for 'other sensible answers'. She claimed this was at the request o OFQUAL. She then told me that the March papers were NOT marked in the same scrutiny and that there were far more 'other allowed answers' on the mark scheme. She told me that Edexcel had felt the y were 'hung out to dry' in November, hence the change in approach.
    Therefore, telling me what I suspected- the March papers were marked more favourably than the November papers.
  2. As such, shouldn't there be a remark of all November papers? The students that have decided to accept their November score have been graded under different circumstances to those resitting in March. Therefore, there is discrepancy (or, as this is re: GCSE Science, this is not a fair test! They changed a control variable). Some may have opted to not resit, choosing to put their efforts into the current unit in a bid to compensate for their earlier mark. Even those that scored well could be out of pocket in terms of marks and every mark counts when it comes to grade boundaries!
  3. Completely agree with you, and the resits should be free to the schools. Any cost should come from Pearson, who allowed it to happen and OFQUAL who asked it to happen. Luckily we did not enter our kids for the Nov series, but I really feel for anyone who did. Why should schools and students be made Guinea pigs for idealogical driven assessment initiatives. Give us a level playing field, tell us what is expected and we will surpass it. Move the goalposts and blame the teachers and we will react in a different fashion.

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