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Edexcel GCSE Science (2011) March 2012 module results

Discussion in 'Science' started by davegodwin, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am a Head of Science and like many others received my EDEXCEL March 2012 module results on Wednesday. I was realistic about how well students were prepared and anticipated a dip in
    student achievement due to change in specification. I felt that we had prepared the students adequately, in particular by ensuring that we used the specimen papers and the November 2011 paper (as this was, in a previous post, considered to be a hard one to pass). All the signposts indicated that students would achieve around target.
    So you can understand my total shock when I received my results thorugh and found that they had quite literally fallen through the floor. Students who were expected to acheive well were in most cases scoring 2-3 grades lower than expected. I was exceptionally concerned about
    the very unusual number of lower grades and, in several cases, U grades especially amongst the H Tier students. I admit to being really confused, concerned and worried right now.
    Therefore, I would be very interested to hear of any Science faculties who have experienced similar drop offs / alarming results this time around.
    am exploring every possible explanation for these results, as well as looking into how indeed it may be rectified. However I wondered whether we are alone,
    or are there are other Heads of Science out there nationally who have been equally
    shocked this week?
    My Deputy Head is asking lots of questions (quite justifiably), so any comments, hints, tips or other sound advice or experiences will be very greatly received and appreciated.
    Thanks in anticipation of your help
  2. mm38

    mm38 New commenter

    Have you read the thread on the November Edexcel results? I don't think you are alone!
  3. Colleague said his flat mate's school had results on average one grade below target for foundation and one and a half for higher. We don't use edexcel, but they courted me quite persistently and promised the language would be accessible to the kids. So what are they doing wrong?
  4. You are not alone. The papers and the mark schemes seemed realistic and accessible but the grades we received were awful and there was lot of variation within similar ability groups taught by the same teacher from A* -U.
    A very worrying situation but limited time to rectify with the resits being so close.
  5. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Hi there,

    I am Head of Science at a school in Essex. We had a similar situation on Edexcel for the November results, although they have recovered massively for the March results. Therefore it's interesting to hear your comments, as we thought the papers had just got easier this time around!

    It may be that we were just better prepared second time around, but the marking on the November papers was atrocious! It'll be very interesting to see how the May set compare and how the grades end up on cash-in!

  6. OMG, I have my first cohort of yr 10 sitting all the Unit 1 module and am sick to my stomach after reading these comments. Did access to the results plus provide any insight to weak areas.
    A. Green Murcia Spain
  7. puffin

    puffin New commenter

    You're really not alone in this! I saw the posts about the November modules, which our dept did not enter kids for. They did Chem and Phys in March and will be doing Biology next week. The results are dire and we are a good school with a really solid bunch of teachers (75%+ A*-C). I've never seen a dip like it, even with our top kids.
    It didn't seem to matter if they were doing higher or foundation. My line manager has asked me to consider changing exam boards. We've been with edexcel for the better part of 15 years and taken the rough with the smooth but this is the worst it's ever been (and we lived through the IAA debacle of a couple of years ago!).
    Have you heard anything from other exam boards about their results- AQA or OCR?
    Happy to continue contact on this one, it's a nightmare!

  8. As A DoL, I attended a meeting about the November results and the marking and the grade boundaries were awful...kids grades falling off a cliff....I had hoped that Edexcel would sort this by the time our first cohort go through (this Monday) but now I hear about the March exams and I am very worried.....I am seriously thinking we may have opted for the wrong exam board as to the best of my knowledge AQA and OCR are not as bad...I doubt teachers in schools that use these boards are any better on average than those that use Edexcel...so it must be the exam board....maybe someone should publsh the direct comparison NOW so that I can select a correct board for pupils starting Sept 2012.
    As a publishing / commercial entity, I can not see Edexcel shares being worth much at this rate...any HoD using Edexcel must be looking seriously to move board...I am even with the enevitable cost in these times of falling budgets
  9. puffin

    puffin New commenter

    When I phoned edexcel last week I was told to wait until the results of the whole course come out in August before making comparisons as- perhaps quite rightly, it's hard to directly compare answers from two exam boards with different weightings and grade boundries.
    I can't wait that long!! We need to change now if we're going to. I can't find out the names of other centres in my area from Edexcel so I'm now reduced to emailing schools and asking them.
    The cost of changing exam boards after one year is really going to hit our equipment budget alongside our staff development/morale.

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