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EdExcel GCSE Results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by adrok, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Ok - my positivity yesterday has been short lived - not due to the Unit 3 marks but due to what is said on my Moderator's report. I am fuming! Basically they have said that my centre didn't standardise (on DVD there's the two of us marking and seen in the background discussing marks etc and one of us marked Unit 1 and the other standardised signing the "Standardising Teacher/Examiner" sheet and vice versa for Unit 2). Then they say that my record of work doesn't evidence the assessment criteria - all over it I have highlighted or put in bold (or even both bold and highlighted) the aspects they are using; i.e. freeze frame focusing on proxemics / space, then they tell me that we haven't indicated which session is on the video; Unit 1 Session one: "VIDEOED SESSION" - these words don't appear anywhere else on the record likewise for Unit 2 my colleague wrote clearly the same on the ROW for that one. Also my calculations were wrong ...... I used a calculator as I'm not brilliant at maths and counting....maybe I need a new calculator!!!

    I have just sent an email to Paul Webster highlighting this stating that I genuinely feel that the moderator hasn't actually looked at the work I sent them or they've written it on the wrong report as it's exactly the same for each Unit.

    I deliberately spent time going through everything carefully to ensure I actually got it all right this year - especially the marking and although they didn't change them which shocked me; I now think that the reason they didn't change the marks is because they didn't actually do their job! Although the kids marks haven't been affected; it makes us look incompetent and stupid - two things we are certainly not!!!!

    Rant over!

    Hope everyone is ok after yesterday
  2. Your comments about the lack of standardisation and the records of work not evidencing the assessment criteria are the exact comments we had! I was also fuming! We had lots of very positive comments on the high standard of our our work and the assessment and accuracy of marking etc., so overall our feedback was very positive. But I didn't get these comments at all!

    In terms of standarisation, I'm the only one who teaches it and my colleague is clearly evident in the DVDs, moving around the room and marking. She has also co-signed all the work and front sheets. We did a full day moderation of the coursework together.

    In terms of the records of work, I have done the exact same as you by typing all the strategies, elements and mediums in bold. They said it was too much like a scheme of work and not a record of what we'd done, though it was exactly what we'd done. The exact same records of work have been fine for the last two years (as are my AS ones which are written in the same way) but ho hum...

    I was pleased with most of the comments but I just didn't understand those two. I have also emailed Paul!

    In terms of the marks overall, I looked at Unit 3 breakdown and really do feel the examiner was very harsh. Very strange to me. Highest was mid-excellent. Given the very mediocre performances which were apparently 'outstanding' last year, I'm confused. As usual!!! Kids overall grades weren't way out but can't help but feel a bit flat - I was expecting a bit better to be honest. I'm hoping that it won't affect their decision to take drama at AS!
  3. We had a comment about standardisation too and I just didn't understand it! This hasn't been a issue before - ever- and the moderators report didn't go on to give any more details..it was as if it was a computerised tick box rather than a personal point. We also spent a day moderating but didn't co-sign the sheets (should we??- never done it before- is this something I have missed???).

    These are our two comments that make no sense:

    The centre failed to adequately standardise internal assessment across different assessors / activities / tasks.

    The coursework samples were not in line with specification requirements

    Yet later my report said: The Documentary Responses were well presented and captured the students? engagement with the six hour workshop. The sampled students communicated a sense of how dramatic form had been created and manipulated for effect as well as covering a range of elements and medium. ??????????????????????????????

    I feel that the whole thing is a nightmare! I am used to the erratic nature of Unit 3 but now I feel that Unit 1 and 2 is a total lottery too. Surely there should be ONE part of the exam I am secure in teaching (after teaching Edexcel for 10 years!!)

    Agree Crunchy about the AS choices - when they have taken 10 GCSE's and got an A* for them all but Drama...or an A and a B for Drama is it any wonder they opt for subjects they feel they will guarantee them a better grade.
  4. As a moderator with years of experience, I really despair when I see comments like the three above. I fully understand your frustrations. We also had some silly comments on our E9s about the Record of Work and the video session - even though we sent a three hour session (yes, the rules are for a max of two hours but we have an all morning session and it was easier to send the whole thing and tell the examiner what to look at.) and said to the examiner: 'the first half an hour is not assessed' the report comments on a lack of balance between discussion and practical drama. Take that first half an hour out and the lesson did have balance. Given that all our work is moderated by the drama staff and then I do a moderation of it before it is sent, it annoys the hell out of me when moderators say these things that make no sense!

    The issue of standardising internal assessment is part computer generated comment and part moderator. I suspect the mod wasn't entirely happy with the marks and might have noticed that generosity/harshness was evident in one of the teachers and not the other. Those types of comments look like stock phrases that have been used and not adapted properly.

    If your marks are unchanged, I'd be inclined to critically reflect on what you do in your centre to ensure that you are doing the right things - and from the posts it sounds like you are doing the right things - and adapt anything you feel you need to. If the same things are said next year, you have real issues to address but by the sounds of things, it looks like you might have had a newer mod. The important thing is your marks.
  5. aoconnor334

    aoconnor334 New commenter

    There was section that Edexcel referred to as being unsuitable in unit 2 but it was only specific areas of their SOW for on/off text work.
  6. aoconnor334

    aoconnor334 New commenter

    I feel your frustrations.....I too have found the same issues...great feedback from moderators the past four years but this year.....same as you say. Really don't get it. Considering changing boards.
  7. I wouldn't let one year be the cause of changing board - all boards have their problems at some point or another. Appraise what you are doing in the light of this year's feedback, compared to previous years. Is there anything this year that might have been alluded to in previous years? If not, keep calm and carry on for another year. Keep in mind that all specs start changing from 2015, (although I don't think Drama is in the first wave of changes,) unless there's a big change in results etc. and that might be the time to change board.
  8. thankyou Cutie. I will follow your advice about looking at other boards as i know i'm in for a roasting. devastated by our results. i predicted 62% a*-c we got 12%. So upset and unable to enjoy last weeks of hols for stressing. Edexcel need to give some answers although i've noticed on this forum that aqa marking/moderatin has been horrific too. I wonder if he arts subects are all under pressure from Gove to lower grades thus giving his dislike of them kudos? Need sleep :-(
  9. Did you have a positive outcome?
  10. Paul, I am a Deputy Head trying to console a distrught Drama teacher who has had a similar experience with atrocious marking of Unit 3, with A*/A pupils being given D,E or even F grades. If you have any 'clout' with Edexcel SURELY you must do something - as with many others we are seriously considering jumping ship to AQA or OCR unless we hear from the board that this situation is to be resolved in the immediate future.

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