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EdExcel GCSE Results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by adrok, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. GCSE for us...
    Unit 1: Practical marks adjusted as the moderator felt there was too much discussion in the sample session and not enough exploration. Written marks deemed accurate (a first for us on this spec). The adjustments seem to have affected middle band students most with some C's becoming D's, however some students have held on to their A's for Unit 1.
    Unit 2: Practical marks deemed accurate if a little generous in some cases. Written marks for the Documentary evidence adjusted as although there was "a degree of detail" about the explorative activities, the work "lacked a clear sense of the explorative journey over the 6 hours". Hmmm. Show me how to do both in 1000 words please EdExcel. The Response to Live Performance was also deemed to be too generous as we didn't cover the elements in enough detail. Again, adjustments must be minor as we still have A* marks in this Unit, but I think I've noticed a B that has turned into a D, so need to check that out.
    Unit 3: Another mixed bag. Examiner did award the full range of marks A-G, but has been *very* liberal with D and E band marks. To be honest I don't think we should have got any A's in Unit 3 this year but we should have got a *lot* more C's. Will know more when we send for the comments. If we wanted to look for patterns all the top grades were found in small groups presenting short, comic, semi-non-naturalistic pieces. Three of our large groups of 9 got slaughtered with the majority of students getting D's and E's. This is in total contrast to last year where all our A grades that time were given to students in large-cast Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde pieces. I think I will put in a re-mark for all the students who have failed to achieve an overall C grade due to their mark in Unit 3.
    Would be interested to know what anyone else's results are like?

  2. Results are ok. Not quite as good as last two years. I can't download the moderator reports so I'll have to check that later but it doesn't look as though we've been moved by looking at the grades for those units.

    Unit three I think is a bit low. We've got no A grades at Unit 3 this year which I feel is quite harsh. For the last two years we've had lots of A/A* grades on this unit and we'd definitely had performances of a similar standard this year - good old inconsistency of Edexcel then, eh?!!

    It's worked out that we've got no A*s for the first time in ages and only 2As. There are some Ds and Es but I think that was to be expected. I'll have a look at who's near a boundary and may appeal some Unit 3s.

    So could've been better but also could've been much worse!
  3. I am furious with Edexcel. Last year Unit 1 and 2 were both marked down considerably meaning students overall got a grade and in some cases two grades lower than they deserved. I appealed the marks and we had some go back up (went from 16% to 26% A*-A) but this was still not a reflection of the usual standard - we got 71% A*-A the year before! To add salt to the wound, we have been stung again this year! Unit 2 written work said to be too heavy on 'textual analysis' (even though they all evaluated what they learnt from the practical exploration with specific links to activities) and really harsh marking with Unit 3 - never happened to us in my ten years of teaching and yet again, students overall grades not in any way a true reflection of their ability. I think it's time to look to other boards but I also feel if all centres grouped together and put in a complaint, perhaps Edexcel would start listening? Or what if we all changed boards - they'd have to pay attention then wouldn't they? If anyone is thinking of changing, I am looking at WJEC - looks good. No A*s overall for the second year running - looks bad on us compared to other subjects and it is simply not right!
  4. I am also furious with Edexcel. We have just had the best GCSE cohort that I have ever taught and as a result of SEVERE moderation down on Unit 1 and 2 every single student has got a least one, sometimes two, grades lower than they should have got. Our coursework remained the same but the Unit 1 and 2 practical marks are ridiculous. They moved all the Unit 1 marks down by 7/8 marks and all of the Unit 2 by 8/9. Last year the same three teachers taught, marked and moderated this unit and we were told our marking was spot on and that the centre should be commended. They said if anything we had been too harsh on our Unit 2 video marks. So this year, the same teachers have gone from that to marking 8 or 9 marks too high?? One of the moderator comments was that the work in the video wasn't challenging enough for the students to achieve the highest grades. It was The Woman in Black scheme from the GCSE Edexcel Drama Student Book. We used THEIR scheme of work, that THEY wrote. SO how can it not be challenging enough?! Our Unit 3 marks are also extremely odd. All of the lower ones have been moved up (but still ended up with rubbish grades because of Unit 1 and 2) and all of the top students moved down. It is an absolute mess and so ridiculous it's laughable. It was so upsetting to see those children opening those grades this morning when I know that they absolutely worked their socks off and those grades are not reflective of this. I have had enough of Edexcel now, I have no confidence in them whatsoever and will definitely be changing. I have been looking at OCR and I really like the look of that. Although we are an International Centre and I don't know whether it's possible yet. Has anyone else changed from Edexcel to OCR? Would appreciate your thoughts.
  5. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Pearson / Edexcel said some time ago that (some) materials / schemes / suggestions in the course book were not suitable for the exam. I think this particularly applied to Unit 2 and on/off text work - though not exclusively.
  6. Yes but they haven't said why. Just as they have never explained why the sample material sent out to centres as exemplars for the AS Unit 1, when the syllabus changed, were all quite obviously far too long. I fail to understand why an exam board would create teacher and student books full of exemplar work and then advise centres not to use it. If it is a good example it should be able to be replicated, if not it shouldn't be used at all!
  7. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    I am extremely confused and frustrated, I simply don't understand my results at all. Unit 3 was pretty much what I expected (although 5 students were one mark of a C grade so I am considering applying for re-marks, has anyone done this and can offer advice?) units 1 and 2 were severely moderated down and I don't understand why. I have been teaching edexcel since the new spec came out and have moderated units 1 and 2 for the last two years so I am baffled as to how I could have gotten it so wrong. My practical marks went down a lot with the moderator claiming it was difficult to see and hear students and therefore there wasn't enough evidence to support my marks. Unit 2 they said the work was not challenging enough for students to achieve high marks but I have never had this issue before?!

    I don't know what to do, I have two students one mark away from a grade C overall, do I apply for re-marks? Do I apply to have units 1 and 2 re-moderated? Has anyone had work re-moderated and had the marks go up? It is so frustrating to have done exactly what I have done in previous years with success to suddenly be told I am doing everything wrong. I simply don't know what to say to my students or the deputy head (who I'm sure will want to talk about it soon). Did anyone get good unit 1 and 2 results and would be willing to share their secrets? I honestly don't know what to do for the best.
  8. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    I have been looking at OCR and I really like the look of that. Although we are an International Centre and I don't know whether it's possible yet.

    Please let me know when you find out as I am also an international centre and am considering moving away from Edexcel after this years disapointing, confusing and quite simply frustrating results.
  9. Sounds like you've pretty much had the same experience as me. Although Unit 3 marks were odd in places, I've come to expect that from Edexcel. But I too do not understand why my Units 1 and 2 have gone down so much. I received the same comments about the work being not challenging enough, even though it came from the Edexcel book which we used last year and received nothing but praise for our work. We marked and moderated in exactly the same way as we did last year and last year was told our practise was perfect but this year are completely out. Our A-Level (also Edexcel) they said was perfect, "assessment criteria accurately applied and rigorous - the centre is to be commended". So how can we have got it so wrong for GCSE but so right for A-Level. As is usual, there is no consistency and their marking makes no sense. It basically all comes down to whether you're lucky and you get a good moderator or a bad one. OCR are contacting me ASAP to let me know about being an international centre and whether that is possible. I have just taught OCR Media at my school and being an international centre there wasn't a problem. I will post on here when I know.

    We are having a complete re-moderation on Unit 1 and 2. No idea whether the marks will change. I live in hope.
  10. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Thanks for that, it's really useful advice and in the nicest possible way it's good to hear I'm not the only one in this situation. I will speak to my deputy head tomorrow about applying for re-moderation, I just can't understand it at all. Like you I fel it's pot luck as to who your moderator is and this is really unfair.
  11. Two years ago with Edexcel I did a remoderation following the marks being taken down as you have found. I did not have as much evidence as you and stevofry that I was doing the right thing - because it was the year of the spec change so I had no previous evidence that what I was doing was right and you and stevofry are strengthened by previous years now. However, it was extraordinarily expensive because the practical and the written are remoderated under separate pricings, e.g. if you want units 1 and 2 done, you have pay four prices. We went for unit 1 and the marks did not change at all. Now I was a bit confused about that, because when we internally moderate, we may come up with similar marks but we never come up with exactly the same marks so I was not sure how two different moderators could get exactly the same marks...

    I also got a remark for some of unit 3 in the same year, and once again, to my surprise, the candidates we got remarked came out with exactly the same marks...

    As for being one mark off a grade boundary, I think they probably are more marks off than that in the raw marks, and that may mean that a re-mark would not make a difference? I don't know for sure about that though.

    I left edexcel for WJEC and now have two years of exam marks that I think are very fair, unlike previous edexcel marks before that where I was always unhappy.
  12. I'm furious and devastated over my results this year, and in fact last year too. My unit 1&2 moderation has been fine both years with only some minor adjustment, working out at about 75% A*-C. But 2 years running my unit 3 has been annihilated by the examiner. I mean A*/A students getting E's and F students getting Ds.?!? Only 20% of the cohort (a small group of 32) got C's in unit 3...! No A-B at all?! There is no consistency in the marking at all. We are requesting the examiner notes and will be appealing the whole cohort for a Unit 3 remark.

    I've got to the point where I'm so sick of this inconsistency and unpredictability from Unit 3 that I've already switch my exam board to AQA for next year.
  13. We have had a bad experience this year as well!

    We have been lucky our unit 1 and unit 2 have not been moved but unit 3 marks are extremely harsh one student who got A* in both unit 1 and unit 2 with full marks at unit 2 came out with an E at unit 3 lower marks then another student who forgot lines and dropped role.

    I don't really know what to do, taking over a HoD in Sept with shocking practical marks some students already wanting remarks etc but how does that work on practical? Do I need to get the report first or request that?

    This of course changed our overall pass rate massively! Is anyone going to write to complain?
  14. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Cutie(QT) I have several students one or two marks off a grade boundary in raw marks and then into the higher grade or one mark off on UMS marks, would these be likely to change if I go for a re-mark?

    I'm now unsure as to weather to go for complete re-moderation of units 1 and 2 which would be very expensive or re-marks for the students that are close to boundaries (although that could be equally as expensive) can anyone who has experience of doing either or both please advise me? I would really appreciate it, thanks.
  15. Tinyfairy: We had one student remarked for unit 2 last year but this was down to an error by the board that they corrected.

    I have been warned that getting results improved by edexcel is near impossible it can always go down as well which students need to be very aware of before agreeing to remark

    air on the side of caution is my personal thought!
  16. KPester - how do you get the examiner comments? Sounds like we had a similar experience where in the country are you out of interest?
  17. I am the Subject Advisor for GCSE Drama - if you have any questions or need advice on your post-results options, you can contact me directly by emailing TeachingPerformingArts@Pearson.com. You can also call us on 0844 372 2191. Thanks, Paul
  18. Hello - you can request copies of the examiner report sheets for unit 2 here:


    Please select Access to Scripts (Copy).

    You can request the report sheets via your exams officer.

    If you need further help, please let me know. Thanks, Paul
  19. I think you mean Unit 3, Paul...
  20. Sorry Adrok - it's the same process for GCE unit 2 and GCSE unit 3.

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