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Edexcel GCSE PE Results

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by The Pobble, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Ah! I am processing GCSE results for students applying to us for A levels.
    There seems to be a bit of difference in results but not as much as the newspapers have said there is. To be honest we have had more succesful candidates in the first 2 days than usual. The % of those not making their offer is, so far, less than any time in the last 5 years.

    It will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks and what changes are ushered in over the following months!
  2. Coal miner

    Coal miner New commenter

    Unfortunately, we have had a similar experience. Students who have worked hard and achieving A/B grades receiving C/Ds. Its really disappointing as a lot of students have had difficult circumstances to put up with nevermind the exams and they really did work hard to achieve their targets.

    Part of the problem from what I can see is the long answer questions. If the total Edexcel candidate average is 1.36 out of 6 and 1.74 out of 6 for Q. 12 and Q. 13 something does not seem quite right. This means that from 2 questions, at least 8-10 marks have been lost resulting in the disappointing scores. I have quite a few students who missed a grade C by 1-2 marks. What to do.
  3. Ours are very low only 44% A*-C so many of our potential C graders got Ds, but even my best pupil (she got an A*) only scored 60/80 on the theory paper. Our head is not happy as many of our pupils achieved elsewhere. Might be time to change exam boards!
    On results plus the examiner feedback hints towards what was expected in the 6 mark answers and I'll be honest based on that I would have only got a maximum of 3/6. It is far to vague. The injury one in particular. For 6 marks I'd have expected that 6 different examples in a sport to be enough but that would only get 3 they wanted pupils to expalain what particular injury it prevented and how.
    I'll be honest and say I'm so much better at teaching facts than teaching kids how to understand what it is the question is asking them. My grades were always really good but the last 2 years have been completely hit and miss.
  4. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    This is the problem. Two awful questions, and quite badly worded IMO.
    Get on the phone to Penny Lewis - she is in charge of the PE paper.
  5. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    A horrible question. This has happened for a few years now, badly worded questions, the students think that know how to answer but they end up only with a couple of marks. The student who writes down everything will get more marks, but not all students are like that and particularly with it being at the end of the paper many will have been time constrained.

  6. On annual leave atm, good timing methinks!
  7. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    Does not surprise me.
    Do be aware that as a marker, you dread the 6 mark questions, as they take an eternity to mark. You are staring at a screen, the whole answer does not fit on your screen so you are constantly scrolling up and down. Markers leave these to the end. My feeling is that there was a massive backlog of the last 2 questions - worth 12 marks in total. Some markers will have just left them, and all this means is they lose their bonus (about £180) for not completing all questions. Hence, markers who have marked everything already will have had to mark them, and even office staff at Edexcel will have probably marked them.

  8. absolute joke this exam paper
    I have A* candidates scoring less than a D grade on what seemed like a fairly straight forward paper
    just like ofsted, the people in charge of these papers and mark schemes have no idea
    failed teachers no doubt


  9. Im confused by how they convert the coursework marks.
    Pupils get a raw mark out of 50. This needs to be converted to 120 to work out final grades.
    For me, this should be a simple case of multiplying their score out of 50 by 2.4. (ie. 50 x 2.4 = 120).
    However this doesn't seem to be how they've done it. Having looked at the converted scores for our pupils, some of them have had their score out of 50 multiplied by as little as 2, and some as big as 2.5.
    The higher your score out of 50, the more your score seems to be multiplied by. This seems to make it harder for weaker pupils to achieve the C grade overall. For me, everybody should be converted to a score out of 120 by multiplying their score by 2.4.
    Is anybody able to explain this, or am I being a bit thick?
  10. The raw mark to grade boundary conversions are not set as regular increments. If you search for 2012 GCSE PE Edecel grade boundaries you'll find a few documents that should explain it.
    There is often a jump at each grade boundary, for me U to E grade changed by 10 UMS at A level this year. So students who had achieved a marginal pass lost 10 UMS and so failed. It isn't aimed at any one grade rather it is the distinction between one grade and the next.
    It is worth keeping track of the changes year on year so you can better guesstimate results.
  11. jeepers

    jeepers New commenter

    Same experience as above - worst results yet despite great practical ones and more work and time spent on theory than previously. yet to fully analyse grades but very disappointing. like others the theory paper looked good but has turned into a shocker. would be pleased to hear anymore feedback othrrs had. thepobble - are the grades you're processing still high?
  12. Our students haven't done too badly. We have our lowest results for 3 years, but this is due to the nature of the students on the course. Our VA scores will be higher upon analysis. Without doubt, the 6 mark questions made a difference to the 'top end' students. We only had 1 A* out of 24, and even he only got 5/12. I personally think the questions should be changed back to the format where bullet points are given as guidance.
  13. I'm a PE teacher in Essex and my students results were low too. My best students in theory seemed to be hit by harsh marking. The raw mark to ums mark seems harsh too. Unless you get more than 40/50 in practical, you have to get 72/80 to get an A. You can't get an A* either. It seems with the modular exams you have to ace every exam to have a chance to get an A or B! I had two girls who were 7's across the board for their practical assessments getting 35/50, they want to be PE teacher and physio. Colleges and universities what A's and B's but to even get a B, they needed to get 71/80 on the theory exam as the ums score only come out at 69/120 marks. It seems crazy as the gift and talented of sport are good obviously at sport but the majority aren't great at the core subjects, which then means they struggle at excessing the full exam as they are practical minded not theoretical.
  14. Yes, I still have a large cohort of A / A* students.
    Out of about 80 PE applicants about 3 have been mdoerated down or recieved lower than expected grades. Lots of those seem to be in the practical!! That would be the place I would assume there has been a change.
    The exam Qs have just changed across all boards. There are more extended Qs, some with levels of response, some without. But all expect a higher level of application than previous exams. I am not sure that ANY exam board has communicated this at GCSE or A level!
    Results are much the same across all other subjects. UMS are slightly depressed but overall grades are not significantly hit.
    We have had to look more closely at UMS this year, and at the breakdown of Add Science, but not for the vast majority of applicants. We had more trouble with the new 2 part Maths to be honest. No-one tells FE colleges about the changes. We find them for the first time on results day!

    All in all I am looking much more at application of knowledge this year. All A level boards are going this way. I would suggest that all of you GCSE teachers have a good look and see if your exams are going this way too! If you don't have it already get access to the eAQA, or equivalent, and really look at the Examiner's Reports asap.

    They are lousy at openly letting us know, we must look for all the hints we can find!
    Good luck for the next year!

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