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edexcel GCSE national results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by davebjj, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. davebjj

    davebjj New commenter

    Sorry if a stupid question, but does anyone know where i could get the results nationally for 2010?
    I am thinking of doing this course (switching from OCR nationals), but it looks a lot harder with lots of wishy washy statements of what is required from the students, and so probably will result in a much lower pass rate.
  2. Hello,
    Cant help you regarding national results for the Edexcel ICT course (otherwise known as DiDA) but if you are looking to swap to it from OCR nationals, I would say go for it. I have been teaching the DiDA course for the last 4 years and depsite some initial reservations found it to be quite an easy course to deliver....yes there are some aspects which require "scratching of head" moments but its manin benefits (assuming I am right in thinking its the DiDA course you wish to go for) is that there are no exams, no papework and its a lot more interactive than ocr.
    We got 100% pass rate A*-C for the last 3 years and as long as youve got the right platform and VLE to deliver, its a lot easier than I thought it would be
  3. davebjj

    davebjj New commenter

    Hi Thanks for the quick reply, but no it is the Edexcel course I am looking at that is a supposed "controlled assessment" (= coursework as how can they ever check)? Worth 60% then a final exam 40%
  4. Hi there,
    The course is in it's first year and we have just had our first assessment window in Jan, for the Unit 1 paper. That means no stats just yet.
    You can get in touch with me if you have any questions about delivery or assessment of the new course.
    Email me directly on ICTSubjectAdvisor@EdexcelExperts.co.uk

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