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Edexcel GCSE Language paper 1

Discussion in 'English' started by jjarvis2, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. jjarvis2

    jjarvis2 New commenter

    Is anyone else concerned about the extremely misleading nature of the references to the narrator on this paper?
    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions] As the complexity of the narrative style of the novel is not clarified in the blurb, I feel the paper was extremely unfair and could have led to mass misinterpretation of question 4.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
  2. eddieh

    eddieh New commenter

    It won't matter. The mark scheme will allow comments that both talk about the inner voice and a third person narrator. Every year, markers are told to mark positively and they'll credit both interpretations as right.
    cuyocksol likes this.
  3. jjarvis2

    jjarvis2 New commenter

    It will if a student chooses not to make a point they would have otherwise made due to being concerned about not answering the question properly
    cuyocksol likes this.
  4. cuyocksol

    cuyocksol New commenter

    It was a terrible error which at least could have led to a lot of candidates feeling unsure of themselves and their own understanding.

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