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Edexcel GCSE ICT - What are your thoughts/opinions/pitfalls/

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by DREWPAL, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Our Department has choosen to deliver Edexcel GCSE ICT Unit 1 and 2 (Single Award) for our Year 10/11 cohort to start Sept 2012. It seems really interesting with a wide variety of skills included and is structured well. If you have done or is currently delivering this GCSE can I hear from you please. Your help would be greatly appreciated as we prepare to start the planning/resources etc. Thanks is advance.
  2. Hi - we too are thinking of doing this as a replacement for OCR Nationals - any thoughts - someone must be doing it at present!! thanks
  3. We love the course. I'd recommend getting the teaching resource CD but not the student one as it only has a few pages from the student book. The student text book is ok but not necessary.
  4. Thanks for that - from what I have seen on the Edexcel website the content looks quite interesting and not as dull and boring as the courses that the other GCSE ICT boards are running. Have you achieved good results???
  5. The exam our students took last week seems to bear only a passing resemblance to the specification and very little to Edexcel's own text book. Full of very transient knowledge, which I wouldn't want to teach even if I knew I was supposed to. I've taught Edexcel for 12 years, but we're probably going to dump it after a year of the new spec.

    In the old spec, the coursework used to prepare the students for the exam, so it was possible to give the coursework sufficient time. In the new spec there seems to be no overlap whatsoever.
  6. I introduced this last year Sept 2011 as our new HT was concerned that the BCS course we previously offered didn't match the ICT NC. I have my doubts about it. Much as the theory seems very repetitive, The course work task seems to assess the ability write about ICT rather than using higher end modelling skills. It is still better than the other GCSE's I looked at. However in light of Gove's NC changes I may go back to the BCS course.
  7. Although the question is bit like asking, "do you like Chicken curry?". Some like it, some don't. The same with Edexcel ICT. Its a case of whether it fits your school/style of teaching/local circumstances, etc. However, we have our year 10 cohort going through it, and I'm getting warmer and warmer.
    Theory ok (for a GCSE - lets face it, all the GCSEs are pretty c**p).
    And the practical controlled assessment is well pitched with a lot of variety (i.e. sound recording, possible Flash, web authoring, as well as the usual suspects).

  8. I have been put off this a bit by reading that you have to burn all the pupils work on to cd and then send these cd's to edexcel to be moderated!

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