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Edexcel GCSE History (from 2016) - CRIME

Discussion in 'History' started by mrbeck, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. mrbeck

    mrbeck New commenter

    Hi all,

    We are making the move to Edexcel from OCR in September 2016, and have decided upon the Crime and Punishment option for Paper 1 (having surveyed staff and students to see which topic they would prefer).

    The problem is that none of us in the department have taught the topic before and any offers of assistance/direction (however large or small) would be greatly appreciated.

    We have ordered a couple of single copies of textbooks to get us started, but we're looking for links to good resources, activities, educational visits, etc. which we could incorporate into our course. As always, the exam board endorsed textbooks are not due for publication for a few months yet, and we are keen to get a jump on our planning!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Pauntley

    Pauntley New commenter


    You may have already seen these but in case you missed them we have a detailed topic booklet on Crime which contains suggested resources:


    We also have a SOW:


    and a mapping document which shows how you can use the existing Pearson textbook if you wanted to start planning before the new books come out:


    We will also try to release a draft copy of the new Pearson book online when it is available to help with planning before the book publishes.

    In due course we will provide further guidance on teaching thematic studies and the historic environment.

    Ian Dawson's Thinking History site has some good GCSE materials on Crime:


    See also the National Archives website - try searching by period for relevant materials on Crime and Punishment:


    There is a thread on the History Teachers Discussion Forum where a teacher has created a dropbox for crime and punishment resources so may be worth joining that forum if you haven't already:


    Best Regards

    Mark Battye
    Edexcel History Subject Advisor
  3. edwaj146

    edwaj146 New commenter

    I am also teaching this. I have the same problem
    Email: edwaj146-tda@outlook.com if you would like to trade resources!


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