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Edexcel GCSE English Unit 2 exam - Shakespeare

Discussion in 'English' started by portland6, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. "The Shakespeare extracts for the January 2012 examination will be taken
    from the following acts:
    Romeo and Juliet: Act 2
    Macbeth: Act 2
    The Merchant of Venice: Act 3"

    It's been on the Edexcel website for months - follow the links for English GCSE 2010, it's under 'Shakespeare Pre-Released Material'.

    Incidentally, do you do English Language and English Literature with Edexcel too? Were your results bizarre like in the other thread nearby?
  2. Many thanks for this. The strange thing is, Edexcel told me that they were 'not allowed' to release January's scene before September 1st, and I could only find June 2011 online until today. I must have missed the link you mentioned. I can't believe their own staff didn't know the Acts had already been released! Are you doing this Spec? Which play? I'm a bit worried about setting mock questions for my group as I am the only one in my school doing this Spec. Would hate not to cover something obvious!
    Our results for the combined course were pretty much as expected, though the lit ones were lower than the lang. We felt that one of the lit question was badly worded and could have confused students.
  3. Hello
    The GCSE English Unit 2 Shakespeare Acts are released on the website www.english10.co.uk early in September for the January exam and early in January for the summer exam.
    If you have any queries or concerns you can email the Edexcel English team: englishsubjectadvisor@edexcelexperts.co.uk
    With best wishes
    Lionel Bolton (Edexcel English team)
  4. Does anyone know where I can any resources to help with teaching Romeo and Juliet and Of Mice and Men forEdexcel English Unit 2: THe Writer's Craft, I have used the ones on the website and would like some more questions in a similar vein.
    Many thanks

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