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Edexcel GCSE drum duet composition any suggestions please

Discussion in 'Music' started by The Godfather, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have a candidate who is a grade 8 drummer he passed Rockschool grade 8 in year 9 he is now in year 11 and a very competent player and hard worker.
    He has composed a Rondo (Aos1) which is complete but really wants to compose a drum duet (Aos3) as this is his principle instrument for his second composition.
    Is this ok for him to do?
    I presume it is, but does anyone have any suggestions on a possible brief or what would be essential for him to include in the piece.
    His performances have been excellent so I am worried if this composition could meet the criteria and give him a composition mark he deserves.
    I have never had someone opt to do this before but presumably would be ok.
    Penny for your thoughts please.
  2. Hi Thanks for the suggestion, if you can let me know details of funkloops etc, with regards to the Reich the candidate does not wish to do something minimalist based ....
    Any suggestions are welcome is a drum duet composition an acceptable proposition for the GCSE, I'm hoping it is as this is his instrument so I can understand him wanting to compose for it.
  3. Crossfire by Alex Neal.
  4. Hi
    in my otherlife when im not teaching we make drums, mostly bodhrans, dunduns, table drums etc but if you look at the link below we used our drums to create some pieces and granted we mixed and overlayed a number of tracks is it still 2 people playing but of course sounds like a lot more.
    The compositions are at http://soundcloud.com/drummaker-1/gwenda-the-dragon and our website is www.dragondrums.co.uk
    I hope this helps

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