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Edexcel GCSE Drama Units 1 and 2 coursework

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, May 15, 2012.

  1. You have got your head around it! Secondly, there aren't changes. The stuff that came from Edexcel earlier in the year was about clarifying what is already in the specification. OK, the 'course book' wasn't that clear but, then, we shouldn't really trust them - even if they are endorsed by the board - the press has been having a field day with these kind of issues this year! There are two other things that need mentioning: if you followed the advice in your E9s last year and looked at whether your marks were changed and have looked at where the grade boundaries were set, you should be pretty confident with your judgements. The second thing is more political: the government's rhetoric about grade inflation and making exams harder etc., might just peg any rise to pass rates this year. And this will, I expect, hit the C/D borderline. I'm expecting a fall in GCSE English results this year for that reason. (Our cohort is as strong as usual.)Lots of schools are getting this new spec right and I expect you are getting it right as well. (It certainly sounds like it from the rest of the thread.)
  2. aoconnor334

    aoconnor334 New commenter

    I would also like to get on board with this offer and cheekily request if I to could get a copy of your BB and Mental Health SOW's. I find as a one person department it is the best and only way to bounce around ideas.
    Many thanks
  3. Hi all,

    I will get these emails out to you a.s.a.p. Once I am back in school for a moment, hope the SoW are ok. We have meticulously gone through them to try and make them address all aspects of the exam spec.
  4. Not just me then eh?
    I've gone through all my Schemes highlighting each and every strategy, element and medium focused on in each session to "prove" I'm doing what is expected. Again; I hope it's all ok and that they won't find something "wrong" in what I've done with my kids.
  5. dande

    dande New commenter

    It is important to show that your students are covering the spec, but what is of more importance is that you apply the standard to the marking of the work. It is also worth making sure that a number of activities take place in each session and that students are exploring the text/stimuli/theme and not simply rehearsing, They can share work, but they should never be performing. Within the written work, to gain the best marks students need to be writing in depth - this may mean not writing about everything that they covered. Although do check that they have only written about things that you have put in your record of work.
  6. It looks like we are back guessing if Edexcel are going to raise the Raw boundaries to placate press and government. I am presuming that UMS are staying at 180 for a C grade.
    Arthur, you stated that we are getting the spec right and marking fairly and accurately. The reward for this professionalism could be poorer grades than we expected. It is not centres that are being cynical if that is the case -it is the exam board for bowing to pressure. Dande said rightly that Edexcel should clearly set out "what gets what" in its publications and criteria " AND STICK TO IT - SO WE ALL NO WHERE WE ARE!
    It is also right to criticise the board if they do move the goalposts as that renders our marking as inaccurate -surely! If we are marking for a C with say 32/60 and that is below a Raw C then that becomes a D. In a recent email from the board Raw C was 28 for Paper1. My estimated grades are based on last years boundaries and, yes, I have marked lower in paper 2 - as I was told I was generous at the top end. My marks for the middle C/D's are all important to me and I have been very honest against the criteria. I fear that these hard working pupils will end up disappointed on results day.
    Come on Edexcel think about where it all started with LEAG! and the aims of "Drama for all". If these pupils are marked for a C -give it to them. If you are browsing this thread please consider the excellent points made previously by contributors.
    Maybe some nice stat person might drop the Paper 3 Raw boundary.!! If we ask nicely! Enjoy the sun!
  7. Hello walshj77; could I please have a look at these too? I've picked GCSE drama (Edexcel) this September as the previous teacher left. I 've found out that the students haven't done anything for units 1, 2 or 3! I would appreciate any help or advice that you could give me? Does anyone have any examples of essays for unit 1 or 2?
  8. I'd also like to look at these please, if you don't mind? lromartinez@live.com
  9. Me too...some of them start in year 10 having had no experience of drama at all - apart from worthless games that their primary teacher told them was drama. :(
  10. I'd love a copy please.
  11. Hi I've been reading thus are there are any chance you could please forward this to mr please, my email is fergieb2002@yahoo.co.uk I would really appreciate the help! Thanks paul
  12. Hello, i know its now been years since your initial post about your SOW and writing frames but could i possibly get a copy of the documents? Rookie teacher to Edexcel ad could use as much help possible if i may?

    Thanks in advance.

    Email - kristopherneumann@gmail.com
  13. Miss Small

    Miss Small New commenter

    I a ware this is a community chat from a few years back, but i have just returned to work after a maternity leave and my GCSE classes work was not of a great standard and i would love to have a look at your resources for your controlled assessments can you email me them josephine_small@yahoo.com
  14. grane036

    grane036 New commenter


    I noticed that you had sent logs to other memebers from reading the thread about Unit 1 and 2. Is it possible for you to sent it to myself at vonniegrant@hotmail.com. I am struggling with what to put down to help my students write notes about the right things before they do their Doc response

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