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Edexcel GCSE Drama - Random results!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by marymiaow, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Fair point about Paper 1. I feel that I'm pretty harsh on my students but I often feel that I could 'get away' with giving higher marks and chancing it if I wanted to, I just don't.

    I would argue that the GCSE Paper 2 isn't standardised very well. If I compare the marks the kids got this year for Paper 2 with last year and the previous year, the examiners were far more generous. This year kids who are easily as good as kids who got full marks for Paper 2 last year, were getting 28/29 out of 40. I find it so hard to see how the practical marking is fair. Again with the A level practical marks, I have found that they have lacked consistency when comparing different cohorts.

    If they get low marks because they didn't do very well then I can accept that completely. The inconsistency is really starting to irritate me though.

    I wonder whether the teacher and examiner mrking in collaboration would be fairer, it seems that an awful lot ides on one persons opinion.
  2. Hi, back again - my paper 1 results were fine, it was the exam that was marked strangely!It was great for some of the weaker kids but not good for the stronger candidates! I had a Polish student who spoke 2 lines in a play getting only 2 marks less than a boy who was a definite B candidate! I did get one 40 /40, but equally good performances were marked at 34?! It is all very strange - I am just hoping the Head will pay for an appeal for certain pupils as I feel so sorry for them!
  3. I completely sympathise with teachers getting low grades with Edexcel - I think the boundary marks are ridiculously high compared to other subjects. I've spent 4 years getting rapped on the knuckles, because pupils don't do as well in Drama as other subjects - yet when I point out the boundary marks they don't care! Got so sick of it that I've changed to AQA and this was the first year for them to go through. Surprise surprise - I've got the best top grades I've ever had! I screamed so loudly when I saw I'd got an A*, never had one before, so I'm so chuffed. I find the moderator for practical work is very generous, and the bright pupils did well with the written paper. I was a bit disappointed with border line pupils, who did fall down in the written and missed a C grade, but I do feel that as a group they wouldn't have got such good grades with Edexcel. I certainly don't miss the stress of getting in so much coursework, and the paperwork!! As far as I'm concerned, AQA rocks!!!
  4. That's really interesting. Think it might be worth a look!
  5. Mad dog

    Mad dog New commenter

    I have decided to quit Edexcel asap and maybe do BTEC instead. Results this year were graded down on the two c/w units without an explanation and there is no point wasting money on a remark - the only successful one I've had being three years ago when a kid went up from a U to a B.
  6. Sorry to hear that mad dog - you must be so annoyed. I did get told off one year for being too generous, but they didn't change the marks. It's all about finding the right course for the pupils, and one they can achieve in, for your sake and theirs. I hope the Btec avenue proves fruitful.
  7. Hello mary miaow. This isn't really advice but I thought I would share my situation with you. I have applied for remoderation of Unit 1.
    I am HOD and have taught only Drama full time for 7 years. I have worked with the Ed Excel spec for four years. (I taught AQA before that.) I have NEVER had the marking from my department questioned. Last year Ed-Excel commented on the high standard of the marking of my team and told that our sample was used as exemplar material at Ed Excel moderation training.
    I read and prepared for the new spec as much as I could. This year, however, I am furious, upset, dissapointed and doubting my ability as a teacher to accurately assess the practical and written work of my students.
    I had a cohort of 60 Drama students and it was the best cohort I and my colleagues have taught for years. The standard of their written work was very high and the practical work was often inspirational.
    The moderator for Unit 2 altered a couple of marks but kept the performance marks the same.
    The Unit 3 marks don't make sense to me in that a D grade performer whose absent rate was so high meant he was only on stage for a couple of minutes right at the beginnign of his group's performance was given an A and another student who I would rate as high A grade was given a low C, I may query a couple of individual marks.
    <u>My real issue is with Unit One.</u> I received the sample work back in early July with no feedback at all. Yesterday when frantically looking at the breakdown of results to see why they weren't what I expected I saw that the Unit one moderator had deducted 20 or 22, yes TWENTY or TWENTY TWO marks from most students. I had awarded three students with full marks for performance: 40/40 and these were changed to 24/40. Doc response marks were altered by as much as TEN marks.
    I phoned the exam board immediately assuming there was some mistake but the data they had matched what I had in front of me. I was told that there was feedback from the moderator which I could request and read online. I read the feedback and there was no justification for the marks to be lowered at all let alone by so much. Two of the sample doc responses had exceeded the word count and I needed to identify the students on the DVD more clearly. Does this justify that all 60 of the students had their marks altered by so much that some of them dropped TWO GRADES?
    I have applied for EAR type 3 - a total remoderation of Unit 1.
    I am worried that I am now completely incompetent and have already completed the Unit One assessments with current year 10s/new year 11s which is a cohort of 80. I am questioning mine and my colleagues' marking of their work.
    I am pretty sure that the remoderation will alter grades, but until that comes back in a few weeks I am really doubting my ability.
    I phoned the exam board for a second time yesterday afternoon and it has 'been noted' that I received no feedback e samples were returned. They clarified the procedure for remoderation. Apart from that they were fairly useless and unsympathetic.
    I am disgusted that they can alter marks by so much and not inform the teacher. On top of that the students receieved the break down of their marks this year on their results sheet for many subjects including Drama. Students knew their marks for Units 1 and 2 as they had to sign the cover sheets. Some saw 'C' for unit one where they should have read 'A.'
    I am expecting emails and phone calls from many parents in the near future.
    My overall pass rate was 86% A* - C which I know is ok, but I am shocked, surprised, dissapointed and questioning my competency.
    I am now looking at the Drama specs of other exam boards.
  8. This thread is 4 years old!
  9. So it is. Doh! Thanks. [​IMG]
  10. No worries! :)
  11. Hi Miss Drama Queen. That was a very enlightening and reassuring (and lengthy) comment from you. I have just become the HOD and am presiding over a jaw dropping downward shift in grades. I followed your example and did a quick tally up of A-C's - which came out at 80% - which is OK in the scheme of things. The problem seems to be compounded by the high number of technical support students (about 40%) and the examiners obvious lack of experience marking them. We were the first group that contained technical support candidates that she had come across. They all did considerably worse than expected. This seems strange, compared to previous years where the girls have faired much better with less ability, creativity and the power to communicate. I know this year heralds the new spec but comparisons between cohorts are relevant. Like you, I am totally demoralised, and have spent the last week going over the new spec, specific moderator feedback and online examiners report to find plain english clues as what we need to do. To put into context, my A Level students got a higher A-C percentageOh, by the way we have a problem with Unit 2. Where did you go for the clearest guide to the spec?

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