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Edexcel GCSE Drama - Random results!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by marymiaow, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I teach in the North West and have found my exam results to be really bizarre! Some are totally spot on, but some are really low! I am totally amazed at them. Thinking of a re mark? Any advice?
  2. I teach in the North West and have found my exam results to be really bizarre! Some are totally spot on, but some are really low! I am totally amazed at them. Thinking of a re mark? Any advice?
  3. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    You mean some candidates did well in their coursework, but the paper 2 results seem to have lowered them significantly?

    The only part, not marked by yourself, is the practical performance- and you could ask for your video evidence to be reviewed. Take a look at the video yourself and rank order your candidates, or from memory to see if that gives any correlation in the first instance....
  4. Mary i am in the same pedicament!!! Last year our coursework was over the place thank god i can mark i got it spot on for paper 1; paper 2 is to low; ity can be remarked thoguh as i enquired today. theres me who has applied to be an edexcel exmainer for next year!
  5. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I always felt that the EDEXCEL practical performance assessment was expecting quite a lot from students on some occasions and one particular year that the marks were low.... It is so difficult to make a tick box of what makes a good performance, and if you do, impossible to sometimes decide why, studentx having ticked the boxes wasnt very good....

    Bit like going to the theatre... one person might love an actor that another just wont rate...

    Do let us know how it pans out
  6. Hardest GCSE to get an A*, 97% required!
  7. Hi,could you please give me the breakdown of the marks for each grade giggirl? I am in the same predicament in as much as my grades are much lower than I anticipated. Can only think that the in order to achieve a C grade, the percentage has risen. Thanks a lot
    Shev 67
  8. Edexcel grade boundaries are as follows -
    A* - 97 /A -87/ B - 76/ C- 65/ D - 53/ E- 41/ F-29/ G-17
    Out of interest looked at the music ones for this year
    A* -85 / A - 75/ B- 65/ C- 55/ D -46/ E- 38/ F -30/ G- 22
    85% for A* -that would get you a B in DRAMA!!!!
  9. Yes, when the 1699 spec was first introduced, the A* grade boundary was 94%. Why's it gone up 3%? I think it's to do with paper 1 being marked just a little bit too generously by enough schools that to maintain a standard, the pass mark has gone up.

    Remember, that just as sitting in an exam hall may result in a student under-performing for a variety of reasons, so the paper 2 exam may result in an inferior performance. And despite our better judgements, we often think about how our students performed in the light of the effort they put into the performance and not just the performance the examiner examines.

    If you are really concerned, appeal against paper 2 and get the board to examine the video you took. You may have a case.
  10. Too late for my son, he did his last year. He had full marks for his course work and 95% for his performance and he got an A! He got 7A* and I doubt whether he scored that % in any of those. To most people it would be no problem and we didn't question it because everybody said 'but he got 7A*', the one he wanted the most however was drama!
  11. Post9

    Not possible.

    He cannot have got the marks you claim and get an A.

    Full coursework marks = 60/60

    95 % for performance = approx 38/40 (95% does not convert)

    Total = 98% = A*

    You are wrong somewhere.
  12. Perhaps he got 95% overall, which would be 2% away from an A*.
  13. My son got an A for this exam and really wanted an A*.
    We were told that the course is divided 60%(120 marks) coursework and 40%(40 marks) for
    final exam. Our son was awarded 120 marks(60%) for his coursework and gained 35/40 for his final exam.
    He was 2 marks away from A*.
    Does this mean that you can only drop 3 marks to get an A*?

    Searched for my question this time last year! So it appears that as Phoebe said he got 95% which was an A.
    Still the hardest GCSE to get an A* in.
  14. Sounds like AQA not Edexcel giggirl.
  15. Yes , that's the Edexcel mark scheme.

    You can only drop three percentage points (not marks, it's weighted) to go below A* threshold.

    You child gained 95% for the exam, not 95% for the performance element (as you originally stated).

    He did well.
  16. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    If the marking weight does equate to it being so difficult to get an A* in this subject, surely this is something that perhaps needs to be looked into.

    I would be interested to know how many pupils, exam board wide, were awarded an A* in any one year for example. As if this grade *is* being awarded to a proportion of entrants, they must obviously be rediculously exceptional.
  17. GCSE 1699 Edexel Drama
    This is what it was taster.
    It's history now, he got an A at AS and is continuing to A2 so fingers crossed!
    Daisy - last year one student got an A* from my son's year group. There were two classes so I imagine about 40/50 students.
  18. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Good for him Gg...

    I do worry about EDEXCELs standardisation, and I know this is an ongoing problem for any practically assessed examination, not specifically them as an exam board, or this subject. But in essence, if you were to put every candidate in a room and had say 50 drama teachers watching their work, picking out the A* students should be relatively easy, as needless to say they would be super duper 97 percenters who stsood out in performance someway....

    But just as I have in the past been disappointed with how the grades pan out, I have also been often surprised, and lets be honest, no teacher challenges a student getting a higher grade than you think they deserve.
  19. Sorry- should have kept out of it.
    I have never taught Edexcel at GCSE at all.

    However some interesting facts on here that we should all be saying to our SMT come exam results review time.
  20. re post 17:

    It's not the practical exam that you should worry about. Examiners are standardised every year and moderated by their team leader. (One year I had the examiner and his team leader to my exam: bit more daunting for the students!)

    Where the real problem lies is with not standardising Drama teachers every year for paper 1: that's where the marks must be creeping up to cause the A* grade boundary to be moved from 93/94% (which is where it was when A* was introduced) to 97%. the grade boundary would not be moved upwards if more students were achieving that level in paper 2.


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