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Edexcel GCSE coursework

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. He has used strategies in his six hours but at that moment he's not analysing that; he is analysing as it specifically says in the assessment criteria in the spec:
    <font face="Verdana" size="1" color="#00005a"> are used to interpret a play."[/i][/b]
    I've deliberately chosen the Outstanding because that's specifically what I'm aiming for. If this student's work is only "good" then I'm REALLY worried that I've done it completely wrong for the last two years and they should go back to their instinctive "we did hot seating or we used proxemics". My interpretation of the criteria is that they are to analyse and evaluate showing how they have used medium and elements in their exploration of the text.
    (By the way - don't know why the text has changed colour - I can't seem to change it back after copying and pasting the quote from the spec)
  2. Figmo

    Figmo New commenter

    Don't panic, nwyllie - if all the work was based on that then it would be 'Good', but if he shows that level of understanding of the text for a wide range of strategies then I'm sure it will be great - obviously it was totally out of context!
    A lot of the work I moderated this year did not EXPLORE the text. Basically staging the text and justifing why. Some of the work was beautifully written and well justified but clearly it was the Record of Work that was the problem.
    And the blue font looks most pleasing to the eye [​IMG]

  3. sorry for panicking Figmo.
    I am so worried about this and the marking of it. Folllowing the mark scheme to the letter as I do doesnt' seem to be enough! My colleague is going on the standardisation course; I'm not allowed as only one of us is allowed!!!
    I have been using the top band examples from the website and this has infact confused my students lots as opposed to helping them. We always explore the text with a focus on movement, voice, proxemics, characterisation and so on using strategies (some more subtle than others) but I still feel that this bit is not being executed enough and it's driving me mad. I feel that the spec says one thing but we are being told something else ....... I try and get them to write at the top level but I'm clearly missing something so I'm panicking because some of these kids deserve to get the top band but maybe it's me that's preventing them or saying they are but they're not... [​IMG]
    ANY advice would be wonderful - feel free to email nwyllie@hotmail.co.uk with any advice please!!!!
  4. Where can I get the standardisation pack from? Thanks!
  5. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    Hi Nwyllie :)
    I get worried too, but have not been scaled (yet, so I think I must be on the right sort of lines. My new Drama teacher (NQT) went on an Edexcel course last week and was told that the thre main things for this unit's written work are:
    • A balance of peer and self evaluation
    • Using drama elements/medium to interpret the play
    • Evaluating the actual exploration (strategy)
    • Referring to knowledge of the play text as a whole
    I have spent all of Year 10 getting my students to practise this formula so that each section has 5 steps:

    <font size="3">TASK
    you did (BUT this is the least important part &ndash; no marks are given so keep it

    <font face="Calibri">HOW
    you did it (this shows your acting skills &ndash; voice and movement)</font>

    <font face="Calibri">WHY
    you did it the way you did it (referring to the play &ndash; use quotes if you can) </font>

    <font face="Calibri">WHAT
    you learnt from it (about the play&rsquo;s meaning/issues/themes, the plot, the

    <font size="3">YOUR
    on other people's performances</font>
    It has seemed to work. Thes ort of thing I'm getting is:
    used on-text role play with thought tracking to examine the emotions that Eddie
    and Mickey were feeling, when Eddie comes back from University. </font>

    and my partner at the beginning only had a small distance between them but as the
    scene went on and Mickey became further enraged and frustrated by Eddie&rsquo;s
    carefree behaviour, the space between us became more prominent which showed that the
    time away from each other had made their friendship less intimate. Mickey feels he is moving away from Eddie. The volume of my
    voice decreased as the scene went on, to portray how much Eddie was affected by
    Mickey&rsquo;s brutal words about him and how dejected he becomes as the scene progresses, while my partners increased in volume and pace
    which showed resentment towards Eddie. I also said very little once Mickey
    started to shout at me which suggested that Eddie didn&rsquo;t really understand
    Mickey&rsquo;s point or why he was getting angry.

    thought tracking allowed me to think about how Eddie would be feeling when
    Mickey ended their friendship. It also allowed me to see the contrast between
    the two characters friendship and how differently they both think.
    <font size="3">Thought-tracking
    is very useful to explore how each character feels about the
    situation and character. It allows you to think more carefully about the sub-text of a scene and consequently I now have a deeper understanding of why
    Mickey and Eddie&rsquo;s friendship ended.</font>
    the exercise I learnt that Eddie is oblivious to what hard work and
    responsibility is, not because he is a horrible person but simply because he
    has not had to deal with the hardship that Mickey has experienced in his life as he has been brought up in a middle class family, with financial security.
    While I feel that Mickey thinks that his whole situation is unfair and seems
    desperate to make it better, but he does not want the reminder of how successful Eddie is - he finds him patronising. I can see through the thought-tracking why this scene is a pivotal moment in the plot as it is the start of Mickey's downfall and negative feelings towards his brother which then continue to grow to the end of the play.</font>
    did a great job of showing Mickey&rsquo;s sheer anger and frustration in this scene.
    He had a very high volume and used a lot of gestures like shaking his head in
    disbelief and pointing his finger at Eddie as if to accuse him for the problems in
    his life. Phin's portrayal was far more heightened than my own partner and his coldness towards Eddie was clearly shown in what he said when thought-tracked. This helped me to see the pent-up resentment Mickey holds towards Eddie.</font>
    This is 400 words, so I only get my classes to evaluate three of the tasks they did across the 6 lessons. They evaluate thought-tracking, hot-seating and a cross-cutting role play, each hasa different focus. They also label two photos of still images they have created (exploring the way that the policeman treats the family) but the labels are written in bullet-points to save words (e.g. "Upright posture, agressive pointing gesture, stern facial expression, shows high status and authoity")

  6. Thank you so much corblimeyguvnor!!
    I hope you don't mind but I've copied and pasted your example onto a word document and would very much like to share this with my students if that's ok.
    I have asked them to focus on two sessions - should I aim for three? I have said that they can go into more depth (500 words per session) if they focus on two. My lot tend to spend far too much time on the task and "tell" me the task which drives me mad as I keep saying to them not to! Maybe by seeing the comment "no marks given" it'll help them to stop! We are currently running workshops for first year GCSE students and my intensive one year GCSE group in the accepted writing style for this course and I do this through the idea of a log book. I've been doing this for a couple of years now but I still can't seem to get it right or rather I tell them how to do it but they can't seem to get it right!!!!
    Any more advice, help sheets, bullet points etc would be very much appreciated by me....I am so determined that this year they WILL get their heads around it and they WILL get the marks they deserve.....
    Thanks again!
  7. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    Happy for you to use it Nwyllie :) Glad to have been of help.
    Something I do which has also worked well is giving each student a little notebook and pen (5 for a pound poundland) and at the end of EVERY task I get them to write four TOP POINTS - one Drama medium/elements comment, one evaluative comment of another person, one thing they learnt about the play/themes/characters/plot and one evaluation of the actual strategy. This then goes in to the CA with them.
    I would say (and this is just my opinion) that you might want to go with three sessions/tasks over two, so that they can show a range. Labelling photos of still image work has been great for us as it saves words but also they can't help but see levels/proxemics/facial expression/gesture/posture etc and what this shows.
  8. Thanks so much corblimeyguvnor
    I was told by a moderator to just have two "in order to add sufficient depth" so I'm sticking with that just now.
    My lot are actually really struggling with this as I had a group today who were working on it. I used your example and it helped some but confused others. As soon as they saw the "task" bit they were "oh, so we CAN say what we did" and started along the "we did this then we did that and then later on we decided to do the other" and when I mentioned that they get no marks for it they were "so how do we say it"....it's annoying me this year as I'm trying SO hard but for whatever reason; they're still not totally getting it and I'm almost scared to mark it incase I penalise them.
    My colleague is going on the standardisation course on Friday but this group will be finished by then! Can I send you a piece and could you look at it and give me an indication of banding or a mark out of 10? I'll mark it too so we can "moderate"..? Is that ok?
  9. Ok I THINK I've cracked it......
    Is it basically:
    1. Evidence of use of strategy (or strategies) - How and why?
    2. Evidence of use of elements and medium - How and Why?
    3. How the task / exploration enhanced understanding of the text (unit 2) or theme/topic/issue (unit1)
    4. Evaluation of self and others.
    I've done a "practice" unit 2 (only 500 words though): Please could someone moderate this and tell me if I'm on the right lines????? Thanks so much - Nicky x

    Frame and thought tracking really helped me to fully understand the difference
    in status between the three main female characters of The Crucible. As Mary Warren; I chose to position myself on
    a low level, looking up at Abigail to show my lack of status and facial
    expression was executed well to demonstrate my fear of Abigail. In the thought tracking I delivered my line
    in a soft, quiet tone so as not to be heard by Abigail and I used quite a high
    pitched voice to communicate Mary&rsquo;s innocence and fear. I felt that I had embodied the character of
    Mary and communicated her relationship with Abigail to a high standard. This activity really opened my eyes to the
    positions of the characters in this scene as I had always thought that Abigail
    was the highest status character and Mary the lowest but I also learned through
    this that Mercy and Betty were very much in control too. I felt as though the girls were effectively
    bullying Mary which added to my empathy towards the character. I thought that Harlem fully understood and
    brought to life the character of Abigail and her strong, powerful tone of voice
    in the thought tracking exercise made me fully realise the power that Abigail
    has over the rest of the girls.

    the scene was an eye opener to the relationship between the girls. I assumed that Betty&rsquo;s character was of a low
    status like Mary but when Jessica portrayed Betty I realised that she too had
    some of the power that Abigail possessed.
    The way Jessica screamed at Harlem whilst delivering the line &ldquo;You drank
    blood Abby&rdquo; and the dark vocal tone she used really enabled me to see that
    Betty was actually very knowledgeable of the&rdquo; witchcraft&rdquo;. Jessica used stillness very effectively to
    communicate the shift in power and status at this point but contrasted this
    really well when Harlem as Abigail argued back in an even darker, more
    intimidating tone of voice. I felt that
    this clearly marked this specific moment; highlighting it as an important
    section. As Mary in this scene; I chose
    proxemics to demonstrate the physical and emotional distance Mary had from
    others in the group. Although I ran in to the scene panicking and out of
    breath; I gesticulated by wringing my hands together which showed her nerves
    and lack of power in the group and made myself tremble as the scene developed
    to demonstrate how intimidated Mary was becoming. Vocally; I kept my voice low and quiet apart
    from in the first line as I felt that at this stage she was slightly braver and
    probably felt part of the group despite only watching.

    felt that this exploration enabled me to fully understand the hysteria in Salem
    in 1692. It helped me to fully
    understand the status differences and how subtle the differences were between
    the girls in particular. I think I
    embodied the role of Mary and sustained it throughout the exploration."

  10. Hi Klylass, I am just starting to teach Edexcel drama this year as an NQT, and I would really really appreciate it if you could send me the tick list and the writing frame if possible? bleachmusic@hotmail.co.uk

    I haven't seen Edexcel before, and the amount of paperwork needed is alarming! Thanks so much,

  11. I would also appreciate the writing frame and tick list if anyone would share with me please. My email is rosieshines@gmail.com thanks

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