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Edexcel GCSE coursework

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I'm looking at this now with my Y11s and they are about to start writing, but I'm just not confident that they're going to write at a high enough level. Would anyone mind sharing the guidelines they gave to the students last year that worked really well, particularly for As/A*s? Would really appreciate it!
  2. I'm looking at this now with my Y11s and they are about to start writing, but I'm just not confident that they're going to write at a high enough level. Would anyone mind sharing the guidelines they gave to the students last year that worked really well, particularly for As/A*s? Would really appreciate it!
  3. Could I jump on this bandwagon too please? My lot have just started and we're using the exemplar that was on the Edexcel website but I can't help thinking that this isn't what they are looking for now....maybe I'm being paranoid but....
  4. Where did you get that from, Nicky? I can't seem to see it anywhere.
  5. Hi Crunchy/Nikki
    Have you had the standardisation pack? I am hoping that the online meetings will help clarify these
    We couldn't get on a real course as all full -however, the examples in the pack are quite reassuring BUT I just hope we can see a TOP BAND one so I know how to access the top band.

    I used the ones on the website last year - found the Blood Wedding examples quite useful. However, my worry is that it not all moderators seem to agree and would love to know some 'buzz' words to differenatiate the outstanding from the excellent bands!
    We are about to start our c/wk soon too and would like to feel more confident.
  6. Sorry Nicky (wrong spelling)
  7. Figmo

    Figmo New commenter

    I'm a Moderator for Edexcel. Don't shoot me ! [​IMG]
    It is very important that you make sure the students write evaluative comments about the work, not desrciptive/narrative. That was the biggest mistake seen when moderating this year.
    HOW did the Drama aid understanding of the topic/theme/play, not just WHAT was done.
    Hppe that helps?

  8. Hi Figmo! :) Thanks for that. I understand the need for evaluation but I'm just finding that their tendency when doing practise pieces is still to narrate a lot before they evaluate. I think it's because they have to talk about the process they go through rather than a finished piece. I'm just looking for how you present the tasks to the kids to try and minimise this. We were told our approach last year was right and we weren't scaled but we had v few in excellent and none in outstanding (which I realise is possible given that it's intended for very top candidates) but I do think we have some outstanding candidates this year. Just wondering if there's a better way to present the task to the kids to try and avoid them falling into the narrative approach. My contestant nagging, reminding, sample paragraphs, etc.!!!
  9. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter


    what is this standardisation pack and how do I get one?
    Thanks xx
  10. I've only just, this week, received mine but have no time whatsoever at the moment to look at it and have been unable to get on any course. I will say though the standardisation meeting last year left us all in a bit of a panic and yet my marks have been unchaged this year?????
    I go mental with the kids if they just describe but they are just starting to understand it now as i say 'point, evidence, justify' or 'what, how, why'!!!
    I have written a writing frame to try and help mine with the response writing this year and also i have adapted a tick list to go with it that i adapted from another department at my school. I could send you that and some examples of top banded stuff from last year to anyone if that helps??
    Kay x
  11. Ooh yes please Klylass!!!
    My email is nwyllie@hotmail.co.uk
    Thanks so much - it's driving me mad!!!
  12. Even if the standardisation pack doesn't arrive there is copy on the Edexcel website

  13. Could I have a copy too please! :) It's drama.jsm@gmail.com. Would be so grateful! I would love to see how you've delivered the writing frame particularly.

    The standardisation stuff came today for me. Haven't looked at it yet.
  14. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Can I have a copy too please it's sarahjulius86@gmail.com, thank you so much :)
    Also where on the Edexcel website can I find the standardisation pack?

    Thanks so much x
  15. Been doing some work on Unit 2 with my Y11s (written) and all I seem to be saying to them is "Why and How not What"....so much so that a student thought I should get it tattooed on my arm!!!! Unfortunately, reading their work in progress; they aren't getting it and a lot of them are falling into the "we did" trap!!! Grrr - I think I'm speaking to myself!!!!
  16. Nicky, I feel the same!! I just don't know how many times I can say the same things in different ways! This is what's making me despair and wonder whether there's another format I can deliver it in!!
  17. Figmo

    Figmo New commenter

    They can say "we did" but then justify why. For example:
    "....we did an essence machine to portray the contrast between the Landlord and the Landlady's public and personal personas. I used the line, "What you having, Love?" to show that the Landlady is very friendly and personable to customers and is very professional in her work, able to block out the emotions inside, but also chose the word "Pig" to show the contrast between her attitude to the customers and her husband."
    " During the freeze frame I chose to stand very tall over John to show that as a Nazi I had higher status and more power than him. I turned my face away from him to show that although I was capable of doing these evil acts I wanted to avoid eye contact.This lack of eye contact represented the deep seated guilt I felt for my behaviour."
    Does that make sense? Explain what, but justify why.

  18. I've been steering them away from that.....as I was told it was "too descriptive" last year when my group did that sort of thing.
    Here's an example from one of my highest achieving students; have I gone too far with the how and why or does this look just right? What banding would you give this as he does this throughout his work so far: (it's about The Crucible so the reference to Abigail is Abigail Williams not another student). I think its along the right lines but perhaps a little to interpretive....what do people think?
    voice was very well used to show a contrast of anger and humbleness. I used a
    low pitch and strong diction to show his superiority. My posture was strong and
    tall to show levels above Abigail. I gave the idea of Abigail being laid back
    but still very striking in her speech which worked exceptionally as it showed
    the contrast in status between the two, and how she was not afraid to show her
    ferocious side if confronted. My use of proxemics was effective in this scene,
    as there would be a huge distance between them due to their bad relationship
    and understanding of each other."
  19. Figmo

    Figmo New commenter

    It shows an understanding of the text and that is what is key - how the drama aided understanding of the text- How did the Drama strategies used draw out meaning?
    However, it also looks like you need more explorative strategies in your Record of Work, rather than justifying actual staging of scenes. Use of voice/gesture/proxemics are not 'explorative' enough for 'Outstanding' work.
    I would moderate that passage as being 'Good'.


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