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Edexcel GCSE Coursework...again!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Hi!
    My students are about to write up their work in controlled conditions. I went on the launch courses but everything seemed vague! Anyone who's had any more info from courses, INSET, etc. any help would be appreciated!
    For Unit 1, the format we're going for is writing up different sessions (of their choice based on what worked well for them) - talking about what they did, how they used strategies, mediums, elements, whether their work was successful and how it helped them to understand the issue further or developed their drama skills. (A bit like the old evaluation phase.) This will probably look like an essay but may include diagrams, drawings, lists, annotation of photos, etc.
    For Unit 2 it's similar though it's linking back to their understanding of the play rather than the issue, of course.
    Then the theatre review I'm ok with.
    Does this sound right?! Any glaring errors? We seem to be doing it in a very similar way to last year but a little more structured and with more focus on evaluation.
    Thanks in advance for ideas etc! :)
  2. Sounds right to me - but no where near stuff to check. Just make sure you have covered everything the new Spec asks for - which I think you have - and you can't go wrong, really.
  3. Yes, sounds good - or rather mine are exactly the same, so if you're wrong, so am I... Disappointing to find limited exemplar material again - does anyone else think the sample stuff is overmarked, yet think that if we marked to the same standard we'd all get marked down?! Boy, do I love Edexcel!
  4. Thanks very much, both of you. Reassuring! Arthur am I right in thinking you're a moderator for the unit? I think it's going to be interesting to see how it goes this year! Just so worried about results - it's awful. I have such an able group - expectations are very high!
  5. Yes, I'm moderating both Unit 1 and 2. Same proportion of students who got a C etc. last year will get the same grade this year according to Ofqaul guidelines - something I learned a year ago when we were introducing the new English specificiations. So, I don't think anyone has to worry about grades. Just remember that the old and new Specs are not comparable when it comes to marking (Pretty obvious when you look at the old spec and the new one side by side). Remember that the new Level 1 is 'outstanding' which kind of stretches out the old Band 1. I suspect, there might be changes to marks this year as we all get used to it BUT remember, that grade boundaries will not be in the same place as they used to be either. (But no one will know where they are until the chief examiner's report is published in August.)
  6. Thanks again, Arthur. I really do appreciate that. What I think is a challenge at the moment is the combination of me getting my head around what's expected and the kids struggling with controlled conditions. Mine are finding it so difficult as they're used to being able to re-draft an infinite amount of times with a huge amount of teacher intervention. It's a culture shock to them! (Though I actually think it will be far better for them in the long run once they and we are used to it!) I'm just really hoping that the grade boundaries are generous this year. I'm looking forward to a lot more guidance next year!
  7. No, the grade boundaries won't be generous as this is the year that they are set for the lifetime of the Specification (OK, they move a bit but they are, essentially, set). The key thing to remember is that the proportion of students getting each grade will be broadly similar to last year. Another bit of essential advice: make sure you get a copy of your E9 (or U9 - not sure what it's called when it gets as far as the school. It's an E9 when I write it) and examine the marks you gave against the marks awarded. This should give you a good idea about how accurate you are and what you need to adjust for the following year. My bet is that schools will be confused by lower marks at the top end that lead to high grades. Remember that level 1 is much more than the old band 1 used to be, so a low band 1 students from 1699 will be in band 2 on the new spec but still get a good grade. Am I making sense? (Does anyone care?!)
  8. I definitely care! Haha! And yes, I think it makes sense! Are you talking about the moderators report sheet that comes in to say whether your tasks were appropriate etc and how fair your marking was and whether there were adjustments? (I don't know what it's called!!) So we should be thinking that level 1 is for the really exceptional - what used to be full marks+ on the old spec? And level 2 is broadly what we would have put in the top band before. I imagine that there'll be a lot of confusion this year and probably a lot of adjustments to marks. But you reckon that we should still get the same overall spread of As, Bs, Cs, etc. (Assuming that the kids are of the same or similar ability?) Thanks so much for your advice on this one! :)
  9. Got it in one.
  10. They way I am seeing it is that the top band is basically A* kids so only got a couple! No point being silly and sticking kids in only to have them moved down
    BUT don't really get band 2 though as think it would be A and Top B but not sure!! It's always hard when managment want estimated grades and current grades and you just have to hope that you are somewhere in the right ball park

    A new Spec is always hard and Edexcel is always a killer in regards to exemplar (usually poor) and paperwork (usually far too much)
    Here's hoping we are all barking up with RIGHT tree this year with our marks!


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