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Edexcel GCSE Composition

Discussion in 'Music' started by spanboy, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    I have a year 11 boy who has composed quite a good song - chords, lyrics, melody are all fine. He has a good inner ear but he isn't a good singer (he plays keyboards). Do I let him sing the song with slight intonation errors and poor voice quality, putting a bit of a downer on what is otherwise good work, or do I get him to put an instrumental line in lieu of the vocal line? When I've done this type of composition with pupils before, the composers' own voices have been used for the vocal. His score shows the melody and chords with good word setting under the tune. I'd rather not use another voice singing his song if I can help it, but it is an option, maybe. Any thoughts/similar experiences?
    Thank you
  2. I would get him to teach it to another singer just because that process will be part of the composition process and he may hear things in the song differently as he hears another voice sing it. A better singer IS going to make a better impression on the tape. It is always a thrill to hear another musician perform something you have composed. I think the exercise would teach him a lot.

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