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Edexcel GCSE Component 2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by lmc537, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. lmc537

    lmc537 New commenter

    I am currently working on the component 2 performance texts for GCSE Drama (2016 new spec) but need help and reassurance as to whether I am approaching the requirements for this component correctly. I know that students must explore 2 extracts from a play and that different texts can be used if there is more than 1 group being entered. My queries are:
    If a student is doing a monologue or duologue do they have to explore the extracts in a group before performing a monologue/duologue for the assessment?
    Can I select more than I performance text?
    Are group sizes (3-6) applicable to performance groups and not necessarily for exploration stages?
    I know this is all a bit convoluted but every time I read the spec I just get more and more confused.
    Just need to know if my monologue/duologue performers needed to have worked in a group to explore the extracts or can their extracts/plays be different and stand alone?
    Hope someone can help ease my brain ache.
    Liam, Belfast HOD
  2. lmc537

    lmc537 New commenter

    I omitted to say in my last post that the examination board referred to was Edexcel but I now think that I have unearthed the solution to my problem.

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