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Edexcel GCSE Business Studies Textbooks

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by semery, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Quick one really, any recommendations for textbooks for delivering edexcel gcse business? switched from aqa as I found the grades and 9 mark questions unachieveable for my lower ability students. thanks in advance.
  2. Edexcel/Pearson produce excellent text books for both Topic 1 (starting a business) and Topic 2 (building a business). I, too, have moved to the Edexcel course for a lower ability set - there is a Teachers reource that accompanies the student text books which is well worth having (about £75).

    The Edexcel course is very similar to the AQA course, so I have been able to use many of my old AQA course resources.
  3. I think it depends a bit on how you intend to use the text book. I've used the Edexcel unit 1 textbook and also the electronic version. I tend to use the text book very rarely with my mixed ability students so don't think you would find it particularly accessible for lower ability kids. I use the electronic version a lot more in my own preparation and you don't have to pay extra to get unit 3 thrown in.

    If you want a book that you can use virtually every lesson then I wouldn't use this as each chapter is very wordy and you can't easily pick and choose which sections since they are all based around a case study so you need to read the whole thing to make sense of it.

    I prefer to have one copy of a range of text books and then select and adapt the best exercises from each rather than relying on one as the format tends to get a bit stale. I found this with Hugget which is what I used for the spec prior to 2009 for years.

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