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EDEXCEL GCE Travel and Tourism (Unit assignments needed)

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by rambo12, May 23, 2011.

  1. Could anyone share any internal unit assignments for:
    Unit 2: The Travel and Tourism Customer
    Unit 3: Destination Europe
    A sample of student work would also be greatly appreciated for these units.
    It would be good to use the above to adapt or use for these units.
    In return I would gladly share the resources I create around these units.
    My email is: sikinakassam@yahoo.com


  2. Hi , just wondered if you had any success with the destination europe stuff (unit 3). I have justs started this and have no resources.
  3. Hi I've just come across your message as I too am teaching Unit 3 for the first time this year and really struggling! Did you manage to get any resources for this?
    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  4. Take a look here!

    Well done exmouth College a great help.

  5. It's very tough trying to get good help for Travel and Tourism GCE AS and A2.

    Please post them up if you have any!!!

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