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Edexcel GCE Applied ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by dcraggs, Apr 27, 2005.

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    I would be grateful if you would email your sow for units 1 - 4.
  2. Hi there
    To address any further requests for the schemes of work I've put the schemes of work on a website I've just begun making. Nothing special, purely functional, but hope you find some helpful documents there. Only just begun it but lots will be added in time, so do come back and check it out at intervals.

    The URL is

    Best wishes
    Maxine :)
  3. Im an NQT, and have just started teaching post 16 for the first time. I am teaching unit 3 of the applied GCE with edexcel (the knowledge worker)and am finding it difficult to plan my scheme of work, and think of good teaching ideas each week. I wondered if anyone had any resources or even a sow that could help me with this unit.
  4. Hi there
    see my post above for location of a scheme of work!
    Good luck
    Maxine :)
  5. Hi all

    Vested interest to declare first: I'm the Ops Manager at the Chalkface Project (www.chalkface.com) and I'm looking for teachers to trial our online assessments for the Applied ICT. A spin-off from our succesful full online course for the Applied ICT, these assessments are delivered via our web-based Yacapaca system and take the form multiple choice questions. Two big plus points are that they provide formative feedback to the student and statistic analysis for you which shows where a single student or class may be having difficulty; thereby enabling you to focus your teaching to best effect. If anyone is interested in trialling these assessments in return for feedback on their value in the classroom, please let me know. You can self sign up at http://www.chalkface.com/_Yacapaca_credits or contact me directly at miranda_b@chalkface.com and I will create you an account.
  6. Re Knowledge Worker. I am thinking about practice evaluation of spreadsheet models as required in the exam. I was going to start with some KS3 spreadsheets but wondered if anyone has suggestions for more complicated or varied models to evalauate.
  7. Re Post 77

    Where have you been looking for OCR Applied GCE ICT resources! We got 2 CD's from the subject officer - 1 with lots of assignments and other good stuff for the AS units and 1 with the specification and other documentation needed!!

    I have also got 2 books - published by Heinemann that cover all the AS units!!
  8. I bought the Hodder text book. It has a CD with worked examples of spreadsheets for unit 3.

    The book works throught the theory and the practical side for the exam.
  9. I am studying this course at the moment and wondering if any of you could please help me.
    I'm doing unit 3: Knowledge Worker and I have got the scenario (The Marker's Farm Concert) however I do not have the spreadsheet model that goes with it. If any of you know where to get it from or can attach the doc. to an email by 17/1/2006 it would be appreciated.

    My email address is taz_K89@hotmail.com
  10. Does anyone have a simplified checklist/grading sheet for AS GCS Applied ICT (Unit 1) - Edexcel. The grading sheet provided with the specification is "all over the place". Would love something more condensed in order to make marking easier. Any help very much appreciated!
  11. if you let me have your email address ill send you some assessment sheets we have devised
  12. Hi - Callan64 - may I trouble you for a copy of all these as well please? My email address is maxinenelson@gmail.com if you don't mind. I am justabout to embark on this task but if there are some already done that you don't mind sharing it would be so appreciated.
    Thanks ever so much - hope you can help.
  13. 250


    Hi Callan1974
    Could you let me have a copy of your assessment sheets for units 1 and 2. I'm also about to try and put a grade to this work. Thanks. td13k@cant.ac.uk
  14. TuckBoom

    TuckBoom New commenter

  15. I would be grateful if you could set me up as a temp member also.

    I am delivering Applied ICT As currently working on Unit 1 and need any help available.
    email janeharries@btinternet.com

    many thanks
  16. Wish I had done the grading .... any help too please with your grading sheets

    thanks in anticipation

    Roger at pantoscripts.org.uk

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