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Edexcel GCE Applied ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by dcraggs, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Maxine,
    I also would appreciate your units 1-4 SoW



  2. Maxine,

    I would be grateful if you would email your sow for units 1 - 4.

    Many thanks

  3. Maxine,

    I would be very grateful for your SoW for units 3 and 4.
    I've had them dropped on my timetable from a great height with no warning! Thank you in advance.

  4. mrbowman at gmail dot com would also greatly appreciate SOW's for GCE Applied ICT!
  5. Reply to Posted by: r_ackland at 30 Apr 2005 18:29
    I'm loathe to ask as I've noticed you have now had many requests for temporary membership to your website but if this offer is still open I would be really grateful as I am now attempting to put together materials/examples for Unit 3 The Knowledge Worker and in the next couple of months for Unit 2 The Digital Economy.
    I have found some materials on the Edexcel site but far less than were originally promised.
    Anyone able to offer examples, models or other material I would be grateful for any response.
    Many thanks
  6. Hi please could you send me any SOWs and any other information you have.
    It would be hopeful beyond belief - I feel like I'm out on a limb - particularly as I'm delivering the course in Bangkok
    Thank you

  7. We are currently evaluating the Djanogly www.elearningweb.net ICT A-Level course. We're on a trial and although the resources are great but still hoping to find something free before our time is up. Anyone found any good sites yet?
  8. We are also looking at the Djangoly stuff on the month's free evaluation. It just seems to us though that they have represented the spec in spider diagrams and added the odd wordsearch/quiz. Not sure its worth £3000 - what do you think?
  9. Yes, we thought the same thing but I realised that once you get underneath the top level there is actually quite a lot of in depth information about the various topics and the students are getting along quite easily. We are also in discussion with Elearningweb about getting a reduced rate as we only have 9 students on the course. Not too sure how low we can get the price but they are definately willing to drop it for us.
    If anyone has anything at all to support this course, materials or even just links please drop me an email:
    There are sow available on here
    for units 1-6 i think
  10. missbee

    missbee New commenter

  11. I do and it's great. She is very helpful and responds to emails promptly. It's *THE* site for this course and it's great the is not layer upon layer of bureaucracy to get the information out to use teachers.

    The examples given on the site are just that - examples. I like to get my ideas from a wide range of sources so I can cherry pick and provide the best resources for my kids. For example, when I looked earlier in the week there was still only one poor example of an e-book. We took that apart in class and I feel my students would benefit from other examples to help move them forward.

    Also, for a new qualification it is essential you are reassured that you are doing the right thing and this is helped by comparing what you are doing with the approach of others.
  12. Maxine,

    I would be extremely grateful if you would email your sow for units 1 - 4.

    Many thanks,
    A stressed out NQT!

  13. I appreciate all those who have offered assistance and advice so far, just wondering whether anyone had come across or was willing to share any resources for the AQA Applied ICT (Units 1-3).

    Clearly the majority are with Edexcel but if anyone else is following AQA I'd appreciate the help.


  14. kasuku

    kasuku New commenter

    Having spent hours searching the internet for resources for the Applied GCE (OCR Board)I have come up with no free resources and only one resources which I had to pay for. It looks like for OCR and AQA there aren't any resources not even a book.
    I had a book rep wanting to come out and see me, I told her I was only interested in books for the Applied GCE course, she went very quiet and did not make the meeting....strange that.
  15. Yossii

    Yossii New commenter

    I also would be very greatful for the SOW's
    Also if you have a course rational available I would also be very very greatful !

  16. Please pass o any SOW for 1-4 as very much appreciated. I must admit that the gce-applied-ict.co.uk site has been very useful. Not much luck on the text book front though


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