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Edexcel Foundation Analysis Nov 2011

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by GoldMaths, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. GoldMaths

    GoldMaths New commenter

    You need to download the Raw Data from results plus. Copy and Transpose the students onto data sheet, everything else will be automatic.
    Grade Boundaries are accurate withing 2 marks, didnt have enough students to make it perfect.
    Anyone who makes any improvements or has any ideas let me know.
    N.B. Have hide students names but left data so you can see how it works.

  2. missedwards05

    missedwards05 New commenter

    This is brilliant thank you! The problem I have is downloading the Raw Data from Results Plus. Did you have to download each student separately? Is there a way of downloading a whole group or cohort? Also, were you able to download the question number and skill tested at the same time or have you had to do different downloads? (Hope this makes sense!!)
  3. GoldMaths

    GoldMaths New commenter

    Go to edexcel results plus, login.
    Results Plus Analysis.
    November 2011.
    + Sign on 1380 Mathematics Linear.
    Download Foundation CSV's.

    Open in excel copy and transpose onto my sheet. [Have to transpose rather than paste as I use rows rather than colums].
    Thank you for looking at it if you have any problems just let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  4. missedwards05

    missedwards05 New commenter

    Thank you - found it. Although I'm sure when I checked at the weekend I could only download exam papers!
    Need to have a proper look at the download in school tomorrow but thanks again.
  5. cannot get the file to open? any ideas?
  6. GoldMaths

    GoldMaths New commenter

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