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Edexcel food tec controlled assessment help!!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by saraclayton, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    wondering if anyone out there can help me?[​IMG]
    I'm an NQT just coming up to the end of my year.
    I am currently doing AQA food tec with my group (and did AQA in both of my training schools), However as the rest of the department are on Edexcel I have been asked to move over for next yea., Not a problem as there arne't major differences in the spec as far as I can see but I am struggling to understand the CA structure and expectations.
    We use as set template / structure for our students which I am trying to write but am really struggling to get my head around the seperate or combined design and make and what is needed and which would be best for my kid.
    I have spoken to the chief mod who was really helpful and thought I understood it but now I have come to look at making the templates and reading the text book I have got all confused again[​IMG]
    I'm getting a little worried as the current exemplar materials aren't from the new spec and the new ones won't be out until July but I want to start the work before then!

    If any one can explain the structure needed (in simple idiot terms as my brain is fried![​IMG])- i.e Page 1 needs, P2 needs etc or has any template / structures / exemplar that they have used for the new spec I would be eternally greatful. I'm sure once I have seen it it will be simple but at the moment i'm getting myself twisted in knots!!!

    thanks for your help in advance!



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