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EdExcel Examiner's Reports January 2011

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by DEmsley, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    It may be me but shouldn't these include the grade boundaries? They used to.
    Also the link to the January 2011 Unit 8 seems to have be linked to the May 2010 Examiner's Report. Now I didn't think you could access Unit 8 in Jan or am I wrong about this too?

  2. Hi,
    The examiners reports contain a link that takes you to a page where all the grade boundaries are available.
    You can access the Raw and UMS boundaries for each of the GCE Applied ICT and all the GCSE ICT specs on the following pages.
    If there is any problems accessing what you need please drop me an email.
    I sent an email update out just after results day that pointed to this - if you don't get my updates you can sign up by sending me an email to the above address.
    You're right about the Unit 8 link - I've emailed our web team to correct this.
    I'm afraid I'm out of the office at the moment and don't have a copy of the report on this machine. You could email the assessment team on eportfolio@edexcel.com and I'm sure they will send a copy direct.

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