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Edexcel Exam Dates

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by scentless_apprentice, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    Could someone confirm to me how the Edexcel linear papers work?
    I want to put an entry in for the March 2012 date, but when I look on the Modernisation Online website there is no date for Paper 4. Is there a particular reason for this, or have I missed something?
  2. mmmmmaths

    mmmmmaths New commenter

    The new GCSE has exams in Nov,March and Summer but the first exams are summer 2012 so you can't use the March exam session.
    The current specification only had exams in Nov and summer but there is an extra 'last chance' in March 2012.
  3. Cheers for this.
    The 'last chance' March 2012 entry for the old spec is the very one I'm interested in - I take it there'll be a Paper 3 and 4 for this then?
  4. mmmmmaths

    mmmmmaths New commenter

    I checked the website you mentioned, gives paper 4 as on Monday 5th March. (On the second page; the 'next' page button is quite small)

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