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Edexcel English Literature/Language results

Discussion in 'English' started by lbrown1986, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    Had several issues with results on both LIt and Lang. Students, who have done as expected or better in class assessments, getting two grades below their targets. This has been my 2nd cohort through that have had unexpected results.

    Have also had several anomalies with controlled assessments-folders have sporadically been put up and down but there is no pattern: different numbers of marks up or down, not necessarily on grade boundaries, same mark different grade awarded and none of the altered folders were actually called! All problems with Unit 3.

    Anyone else had similar problems?
  2. recliningbuddah

    recliningbuddah New commenter

    Hi could I just ask why you chose AQA - I'm thinking of doing the same as very unhappy with WJEC. THanks RB
  3. 2knackered

    2knackered New commenter

    Hi - we're in a very similar, frustrating and disappointing boat with the Unit 2 English results from the Jan paper. 18% B-C No A, no A* when we just can't see how we haven't prepared the kids... Is is worth requesting papers back?
  4. Hi - schools in our area in exactly the same position. How can marking be so wildly inaccurate? Hardworking students devastated and utterly bewildered. Is there any point in requesting remarks?
  5. There is no point whatsoever in requesting papers. We had papers back, a remark, an appeal, a visit from an examiner, and discussed the matter with Michael Gove's office in June. We just threw money away, got patronised, and had the clearly wrong results doggedly left exactly where they were. Change exam boards! We chose AQA because they are the market leader with English, and were the board who appeared to have most clearly actually marked exams and judged work in a comparable manner to legacy papers in schools in our local area. Their subject officers are far more helpful, too - even in the 48 hours since we changed!
  6. 2knackered

    2knackered New commenter

    Thanks Portland... we were wondering, due to the scanning/digital nature of marking, whether we would actually be able to see any marks at all, or whether they'd been to borderline review (if it exists)?
  7. Either way, you only see the mark typed or written on the bottom - no annotations or summative comments like you are expected to provide!
  8. I share the worries above, especially the concerns for higher grades. To say my team are upset is a considerable understatement, and I am starting to feel they hold me personally responsible The switch of personnel in Edexcel is also something that might compound issues with support - we'll have to see. However, any new syllabus takes time to bed in with teachers as well as pupils, so a further and sudden switch to AQA (for example) is not something I'd relish, especially with changes already in place for Sept 2012 across the board. I'd love to hear what others think, because it seems a huge pressure on all of us right now.
  9. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Recliningbuddah - Hi could I just ask why you chose AQA - I'm thinking of doing the same as very unhappy with WJEC. THanks RB

    Could I ask you why you are unhappy with WJEC. We use them and although there are some marks this time that were slightly odd, only about 3 students, I am interested in your reasons.
  10. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    Any replies please
  11. See the thread on WJEC exam results- page 2.
  12. Many years ago, I came down from Scotland to do marking for the then SEG and MEG. They were so hard up for markers that they were prepared to pay my fares and hotel bills to help out. I realised why when I entered the hall in Birmingham and joined my group of markers. There was something familiar about them that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Then it came to me. It was the pub scene from Star Wars.
  13. I hate to say this but we have had the same scenario WITH AQA! We're a GCSE centre but I've seen a lot of A Level threads showing the same issue as ours with AQA. For the last two series our higher tier lit candidates have been largely outperformed by their foundation peers. An example: Solid A candidates who had a sharp focus on the assessment objectives, had seen feedback from the report on last years papers- getting D's. Whilst our D candidates who struggle with lit gained C'sin foundation. I doubt the level of standardising that is happening across the two tiers. Whatever the cause (incompetence/political) I have lost all faith in a system that even the kids can see is completely inaccurate. The process of enquiry about results as someone else mentioned appears futile, and even worse seems to adopt intimidating tactics which put people off of challenging results.

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