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Edexcel English and Literature grades 2011. Anyone else find them bizarre?

Discussion in 'English' started by tiredzzz, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. ...with our best ever GCSE results from the outgoing AQA specs, I was bewildered by our year 10s' grades for the English and Literature units. Students predicted an A gained U grades; other expected to gain Es were awarded Bs. Lots of equally peculiar marks. I will get the papers back and then probably go for a whole re-mark, but I wondered if anyone else had anything similar to report?
  2. Yes, absolutely the same. We got 72% A*-C with AQA and are looking at 35% at best for Edexcel. Students have taken Lang 1, Lang 2 and Lit 1 and have combinations like ABU or A*DB. We can't really see a pattern or what is wrong, and their only suggestion is that we pay them a vast sum of money to have the papers graded again, or a vast sum of money to resit. We have an established, experienced team, we have examiners and text book authors, we feel very confident about our predictions - but we'll be in special measures if these marks stand!
  3. Conversely, did anyone have results that MADE SENSE? We are really worried about our poor students, who are coming back thinking they might have failed despite working as hard (possibly harder) than their Year 11 friends!
  4. Agree with all of the above. As a National Challenge school we were 'sold' the new spec by Eedexcel as one which would be positive in rewarding what students wrote and would contain direct, straightforward questions, accessible to all. Pilot schools spoke glowingly of how their results had dramatically improved. So we left AQA and worked, as an experienced team (examiners etc) very hard with the new units. Result? Old spec AQA = 50% A*-C (a big gain on last year) new spec Edexcel = 32% A*-C with Year 10. This leaves us feeling we have been misled entirely. Remarks - selective, as we cannot afford for the whole cohort. Ofsted looming ..... thanks Edexcel.
  5. We're also concerned. If anyone would like to get in touch so we can put a stronger case together, please can you p.m. me and I'll pass details on to my head of dept. (I'm also one of the people who've been involved in the Teachit discusion.)

  6. Edexcel promised to get back to me in a day about checking our results. That was two days ago... Funny how we never used to have to do retakes with terminal exams. It's almost like this modular business is a money-making scam. The publishers have bought the exam boards, the exam boards are sponsoring the academies...
  7. Hello
    If you would like to discuss your concerns about this summer's results you can get in touch with the Edexcel English team by email: englishsubjectadvisor@edexcelexperts.co.uk
    With best wishes
    Lionel Bolton (Edexcel English team)
  8. Will do. Bump!
  9. Oh, and get a generic "This is how you pay for a remark" response from the "Team". Again. The Edexcel English team seem to be getting less and less communicado. Wonder why...?
  10. freeradical

    freeradical New commenter

    We have the same problem with the Year 10 poetry exam results - our data shows that students who sat the foundation paper couldn't get a C. Well - 6% did. That is very worrying. I've just sent off for my free 10 scripts and they were emailed straight back. In fact, I have found Edexcel to be far far better at communication that AQA.
    That said - I am worried. A large tranche of Year 11 are now re-taking their poetry in January as well as taking their English Lang exam. Not ideal.
  11. Yes- our Y10 results were dire. Having just had 75% A*-C with Y11 on the old AQA spec, we were disappointed with the handful of Cs we got with Y10. In particular, weaker pupils who we were predicting E/F grades, have came out with a D grade, whereas higher ability pupils have really struggled. This is despite us spending a long time planning lessons using the new assessment objectives.
    Similar things seem to have happened in other schools in the borough. I've heard EDEXCEL had to completely change their grade boundaries, so that they were in line with AQA. Also, it is difficult to work out the forumla they use to get the UMS mark. Two of our pupils got identical marks in the English Unit 2 exam, but one got a C grade, and one got a D grade.
    We have asked for ALL of the scripts back, so we can have a closer look at different types of answers. Also, we are looking closely at Results Plus.
    We're really worried about August results day.
    Has anyone had a reasonable response back from EDEXCEL?
  12. cju


    We've got our scripts back now - have only had a chance to glance at a couple but they are badly out. Kids who have written two sides for Section A Part A, making assured points all the way through with embedded evidence and decent explanations, have been awarded three or four marks out of 16!! It's just incredible. We are going to mark a few class sets ourselves over 1/2 term to double check and then see what's to be done.

    Very interested to hear if other schools are seeing the same thing.
  13. The much delayed chief examiner visits are also a clever way of preventing appeals to the EAB and Ofqual - we waited to give them a chance, then realised we had missed the deadline!

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