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Edexcel Economics unit 3+4

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Jim Ward, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. This follows from a previous post very kindly answered a few weeks back.
    There will be two teachers taking the A2 economics group...how should we split the course?
    Looking at A2 for economics the weighting is higher for the unit 4 module than unit 3. Does this mean that you start to focus on unit 4 before the unit 3 exam has taken place in the January. Worried that if I start unit 4 as late as January there wont be enough time to cover the ground.
    how does teacher timetable best split.
    many thanks again for any advice.
  2. We've started Unit 3 now post AS exam - so that both teachers will complete the unit 3 by end of Nov - then move on to Unit 4 for upto the last week of Xmas - then kick off serious Unit 3 revision for Jan exams (just have to keep reminding them difference between Unit3 & 4 (weaker students try to revise Unit4 for Jan exam!)

    Spend Jan revising/exam practice/exam skills for Unit 3

    This way - if anyone has to resit unit2 (I hope its there for Jan this year.....) then they have had some reflection over basic Macro issues at a higher level...

    However, its STILL V tight 'using' Jan for exam - we 'rushed' end of Unit 4 this year - results will tell if this was v unwise....

    Alternative might be to use 2 weeks in Jan - cont Unit 4 theory and use HWKs for Revision only....

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