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Edexcel Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by ajtextiles, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. It makes me pleased Ive stayed with OCR as they are keeping them the same this year and next. Out of interest would this be the case with RM as I believe the RM teacher has started his year 10s with their CA project already so hope he hasn't made a mistake here - he does Edexcel
  2. Hi,
    When I attended the RM traaining in October for Edexcel we were told that they would pretty much stay the same for the next two year!
    I hope this is still the case as I have already started my year 10's!

  3. Edexcel are releasing new ones for all materials areas as AQA did this spring. The current ones run out this year - if you look on the website it says 2009 until 2012. As far as I know none are released until April. We are all waiting at my school although havebgun introducing the students to the idea.The new topics will be for everyone it is just late to release them as you say, schools are waiting to start
  4. I have also talked to Bob Miller, he is in charge of Dand T at Edexcel. He has said that the project areas given pretty much cover any project a student may want to do in all of the subject areas. But they are changing them this year, which means if schools have started they will have to adapt the brief I guess but not the research or the outcome. The current titles are only in use until May 2012. I just checked my email from him, they are currently being reviewed.
    It is the textile ones which are likely to be more of an issue as they are a bit more specific eg do not just say 'Storage product' or 'child's toy'. So we do need to wait until we have them before we can start, though am hoping they are still borad enough for the types of products students want to design and make.

  5. In case you are interested I phoned Edexcel today and they told me the new controlled assessment tasks for 2013/2014 submissions will be on the website on 18th April.

  6. Golly, they don't give you much thinking ppreparation time. I like to mull ideas over beforeIi give them to my students as sometimes your first thoughts are not the best. I also like to have examples of existing products that they actually hold/look at so that takes time as well! (ask around to borrow etc)
  7. Absolutely agree. But they are just topics rather than briefs so have already asked my students to tell me what they want to make and will fit them to the topics/themes and then write the briefs myself, but yes it's very late and \i think some teachers don't realise the topics are changing.

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