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Edexcel Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by l0vaduck, May 14, 2010.

  1. Has anyone already done this?
    I'm getting quite worried.
    I went to a training event and they suggested doing a "dry run" by giving the kids a folder of research folder and getting them to answer one of the questions.
    I thought about getting some information from my hairdresser, who's very helpful and friendly, and I'm sure wouldn't mind answering some questions. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me interviewing or surveying her customers too, but as for asking for information which they could use to put into charts or graphs, such as sales or profit figures, I just wouldn't go there.
    My worry is that my students are even less likely to want to speak to local business people and that they will struggle to get any real key information.
    What have others done, and what sort of information have they been ablet to get?
  2. I did this this year. I ended up getting a local business man in and the students all had to come up with interview questions to ask him. I filmed each interview and then placed the video in their area on the network so they could refer to it and not have to worry about writing the answers down. They were also able to take screenshots of the interviews taking place from the files to use in their appendices for evidence. By making it into a bit of a 'big deal' I managed to get them quite excited about it...and I have some pretty low ability kids doing Business this year...
    One word of warning though...be careful that they don't all end up doing the same task as this can cost you in AO1.
    Anything you want to ask, drop me a line at p.hart@holbrookhigh.suffolk.sch.uk
  3. Thanks for this. I did consider it, but was put off by the fact that the students won't really have ownership if it isn't a business they've chosen themselves.
    Was the video the only source of information they used?
  4. Well, we went ahead with the controlled assessment, and the results are absolutely dreadful. As we have used the 2011 questions, Edexcel say they are not allowed to have another go at it, even if they do a different question.

    I don't see the logic of this at all. It's not as if the questions were unseen until they started.

    I'm getting pressure from above, either to start again with a different exam board (!) or to let them have another go at at the assessment, despite this breaking the rules.

    Has anyone else run into this problem?
  5. wine_man

    wine_man New commenter

    Do you know were your students fell down? It would be useful to know.

    I ran a practice with last years questions and results were poor. But with little time between the practice and actual CA I'm unsure how many students have learnt from their mistakes.

    Unfortunately I fear some schools out there will bow to pressures from their SMT to deliver good CA marks and strict control will go out the window. I think they were right to get rid of coursework but this new approach has many issues.
  6. The able ones followed the formula: choose three factors, analyse each one, then make a reasoned judgment about which is most important, but their powers of deduction and reasoning let them down. The logic of their evaluation just didn't stand up to examination, so students who should have got As and A*s ended up with Bs.

    At the other end, they just didn't do enough research, or simply misunderstood the question (despite us spending a lot of preparation time on them).

    I agree with you. I think the pressure to help the students will be too much for some.
  7. whufcpigs

    whufcpigs New commenter

    I am in exactly the same boat!!!! and i really feel allowing them to redo it is defeating the purpose of "controlled assignment" our SMT are telling us we have to do it...must we obey...do we as teachers have a leg to stand on????
  8. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    As someone who ran ocr B coursework I love CA! I turned around my year 10's before my outgoing y11 (who had been working on coursework for 12 months)
    I struggled to get A* mainly as I made the focus on investigation a business who visited the school and who we visited - Students used the visits as evidence. Edexcel accepted my marking but as there was not the depth of independent research, they would have struggled to really push analysis and evaluation. I am going to run a xl project based on last years data and information for students to "practice" and get them to peer mark last years work. Then they can start on their slightly more independent approach to work.
    In summary - I saved at least 3 remarks per students compared to coursework - that has to be 60 hours - yes my CA is down on my coursework BUT I was having to get the students to aim at 53/60 for OCR coursework which was a tall ask! I have a couple of students who have chosen to retake next year which is great as they will be doing a fresh assignment (with current crop of year 10's so no extra work for department!)

  9. Hi,
    Im teaching this for the first time this year and am at a bit of a loss currently!
    I have 4 classes, some students would not be capable of the GCSE and im going to put them on BTEC but there
    are some student who i am not sure about yet so was thinking of giving them a mini/mock assignment to try and see how they do. Has anyone else done this? Or have any advice on how to go about it? Im thinking of something that can be done in just a double lesson.
    Any ideas/advice/wisdom much appreciated!!
  10. I am in exactly the same position - unit 2 results poor. Those A grade students have obtained As but I have some students who are 3 grades under target grades. The A grade students seemed to cope quite well, but others have either not done research or not related their research to the write up despite doing a mock and providing in dpeth feedback, looking at model assignments and marking, holding tutorials to discuss progress, writing home letters regarding those not doing the research, constructing a workbook for them to use........ oh plus bending over backwards for them! Had a discussion with my line manager today where I bought this up - obvioulsy really concerned. It will be a tall task to now get them on track to pick up marks in Unit 3. I am hoping that many schools will come across the same problem and maybe UMS boundaries will be dropped. Just hoping I have marked them inline with examboard standards. I have told my line manager that a retake is not an option. I am not prepared to allow my students to retake the CA.

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