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Edexcel chemistry examiners

Discussion in 'Science' started by l_lblack, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. it will be parts of questions. I mark for AQA and mark by items, I also mark for OCR and I much prefer their software as you can see the whole paper.

    Marking parts of questions means you will see multiple clips of the same response. the problem comes when theresponse is not viewable as the paper has been chopped up. Your supervisor will be able to see it so you would have to escalate it up to them.
    Its perfectly doable to mark 4000 items in the time available.

    i passed up the opportunity to mark for edexcel, too onerous a task as far as I am concerned at the moment based on the outcome of the B1 exam in Jan.

    The paper will have 6 questions with 60 marks, I doubt you would be expected to mark the tick box sections, they tend to exclude those from markers having to do. I would anticipate about 25 sections maximum.

    but thinking about it 4000 isnt many, though you have the 6 mark questions to mark which will be the killer.

    I would be interested to hear how it goes, OCR I enjoy marking for but then it is A level which is always useful and the support is invaluable.

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