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Edexcel AS Theatre Studies Unit 1 Moderation - any issues?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by lifetemp, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I am abandoning Edexcel - I used to teach AQA successfully at previous job, conituned Edexcel at new post for continuity sake and in the belief that the two specs were very similar - but am fed up with diminishing returns. Last year's AS marks were poor mainly due to inexplicable Unit 2 marks, although unit one was lowered by a few marks. This year, Unit 2 still bad but unit one dropped by between 7 and 11 marks across the group.
    I don't understand why - I've tightened up after last year, been on Chief Examiner courses etc, etc. There is a definite disconnect between my view of how students are doing and how marked. I would like to know if anybody has had similar issues so I can either put in for remarking or accept it's somehow my fault.
    I've never been impressed with their wishywashy approach - AQA at least are clear in expectations, even if it is death by criteria. Maybe the Edexcel methods of assessment do not suit me or my students.
    Of course I'm tempted to go back to AQA but I'm willing to look at other boards. I just want to understand what results mean.
  2. I believe your situation to be similar to many across the country. I have 4 friends who, like me, all use Edexcel's Theatre Studies. All of our unit 1 marks have been lowered (by about 11 marks) and unit 2 was awful. Conspiracy maybe?
  3. I didn't have any of these issues with AS this year. None of my marks were changed for Unit 1 and my Unit 2 marks were pretty much as I'd have expected apart from one which I was a little disappointed with at the time but looking back on it now, I can see where the student lost marks.... I don't think, at all, that there was any "conspiracy" to be honest.
  4. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    I've just started at a new school. They had their Unit 1 marked down by 17 marks!!! The kids are up in arms about it and I can't coment as I have only seen them once. BUT here's the thing. The moderator states "NO outstanding work was seen on the filmed session, implying that there are no outstanding candidates in this cohort". And yet, ALL of them (11) got outstanding for Unit 2 - mostly with 10/10 in a lot of sections. I saw those pieces and they clearly are outstanding performers.
    I think the written work has let them down as, reading it through, it does not focus enough on the practical work undertaken.
  5. I had a conflicting report and set of marks for Unit One. The report said all was fine apart from over marking of the Notes for Level 2 and 3 Students. However, when I checked the raw marks against what I had submitted only one students marks were changed by, wait for it, 1 mark (moderated this unit 2 years ago in its first year and I though the tolerance was +/- 3). Also to my surprise this student was 1 UMS point away from and A when the unit 2 was added on. I had 4 students within 5 UMS of an A. Ended up with 1A 5B and 1C in a small cohort for my school after their shocker of an AQA GCSE Exam in 2010.
    I will be phoning Edexcel on Monday after speaking to my Line Manager to see if this "clerical error" can be corrected.
    I had some students resit Unit One this year and they completed it by Xmas and were so much more clued in, especially when they were doing the unit 3 alongside as they really started making more explicit links between text, practitioner and S,C,H,P. I did one hour a week after school and most of my AS turned up aswell.
    Corblimeyguvnor - Has the work been returned to your centre? Will you be appealing? I have stopped appealing AS Unit 1 and resubmitted in yr13 as it is much cheaper to re-enter. I encouraged them to do another live performance evaluation and the quality improved greatly and was so useful for Unit 3 with regard to style.
  6. Thanks for this. I am being thick - where do I get my report? I have downloaded marks from result plus. I tried following a guide on edexcel online and found nothing. Do I need my exams officer to do it?
  7. If you go to http://www.edexcelonline.co.uk/Account/Login.aspx and login If you dont have a login see your exams officer. Its the same username and login to access locked files on the regular website.
    Click the GCE tab at the top
    On the left hover over results and then click on moderator reports
    Select Session and Subject.
    It may take up to 2 hours to come through but is generally about 10 mins.
    At the top you will notice a mailbox tab. Click on this to acces the report after the time has passed.
    Your exams officer should print them out for you for exam analysis on first day back but I like to get my analysis done ASAP.
    Hope this helps

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