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Edexcel AS Level Unit 2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Andy68, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. I posted the issue about the course and although I did mention the leaders name. In no way did I blame it on him, infact it is most likely that the no show was down to edexcel and orgnaisation problems which was my point. Not that one perosn is to blame but the general poor management of things at Edexcel. It is not an issue that should be aimed at one person, I agree.

  2. I have had both AS and GCSE papers remarked with no success, and am in the process of appealing. I had separate letters about both groups today saying that the appeals process is taking longer than expected.
    Did anyone else have this information?
  3. And I've just found out that the course I was booked on, Achieving Success at A Level, or something like that, on December 2nd in Reading, has been cancelled. What's happening?

  4. Pointless responding as it will get pulled.
  5. Yes, I feel a bit nervous posting here. Nevertheless...

    I've received an apology that they never answered by Ask the Expert questions which I sent in early September. (Though they still haven't answered them.) And finally got back the second examiner mark sheets for the GCSE Drama remarks with the only comment (identical on each) something like: 'DVD and examiner's marks support the grades awarded.' What a grim and expensive experience this has been.
  6. I am still waiting for a very late Ask The Expert Reply - the question was raised because if someone on this posting raised the issue - Production Support students ... written work worth 50% of the final mark ... so how do they do a re-mark for this if the senior examiner does not have access to the written portfolio and design concept !!!??? ... mmmmm
  7. I have now received a fax to say that all my AS students' work is to be remarked, as the result of my appeal. Anyone else get this?
  8. Is this in response to an appeal or something?
  9. Yes. I had 8 students' Unit 2 remarked, only one went up, not enough to change her grade. I appealed by writing to the Board, asking them to compare the low Unit 2 marks to the Unit 1 marks. My aim was to show that in the practical section of Unit 1 my students achieved significantly higher marks than in Unit 2, and therefore there seemed to have been inconsistency.
    I had a reply to say that all students are now to be remarked.
    I'm waiting to hear from them.
  10. Any news from AS Unit 2 appeals??!!! We STILL haven't had a response to any of our letters/formal appeal....
  11. Yes! About bloody time, too - have just had a very nice letter apologising for the delay, but the 'Compliance Advisor' didn't feel that all students' work was accurately reviewed, so my students are being remarked (again). We're also not being charged for the original EAR and the appeal. Read into that what you will..... Just a shame that we're now at the back of the queue again for an EAR - not very helpful for kids who are having auditions etc already and need to get accurate predictions.
    However, my complaint of September regarding poor wording in the spec and poor quality sample material (did anyone else think this had been marked very generously for the detail actually given?!) for Unit 1 has not been worthy of a reply.

    Please keep chasing them if you're still waiting to hear. .
  12. I agree - thought the sample materials were utterly poor and certainly with little guidance (surprise) on the two bands in evidence, this made our jobs harder. I am hoping to change board because Edexcel are no longer giving me consistency in marking and the new GCSE criteria see as tendentious and subjective as the GCSE criterea. My worry is, with one of my questions still unanswered on ASK THE EXPERT (IF YOU LIKE THE DEAFENING SOUND OF SILENCE), that this organisation is run on the cheap, and as for actual organisation, this summer has proved much about who disorganised they are.
    All change!
  13. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    Our school and others are still pursuing EDX over the fiasco last August. No apologies yet except one over time some stuff took to arrive. We reckon two more layers of Edx to get through before we're onto the outside agencies. Edx still not ackowleging their mistakes.
  14. Hi there,
    Unit 1 coursework marking and exploration has posed more of a problem than the unit 2 marking.
    The examplar work posted on the Edexcel website did not match the criteria set in the spec and in places did not match any of the assessment criteria. For me, the document the students produce should be a reflection on their work in lessons and their developing understanding of the text and or practitioner as a result not a piece of writing that shares the students ideas about how they 'would' perform the studied text. Bizzare examples I thought and they were of little help to me.
    This year I have tried to be more creative with the written element- a mixture of tables, mind maps, annotated script and essay type questions. It seems to have worked fairly well although there is a lot of redrafting involved! This may cause me some issues for preparing for unit 3 and 4 as a result or perhaps the exam board will feel it is not formal enough...? we can only wait and see. risky business.
    I did feel I had more success with the Unit 2 pieces- all of my students achieved grades A to C. I chose two very styalised pieces for the full script- both Berkoff with a strong sense of 'stillness and poise'. I think naturalistic pieces are often too subtle for the examiners to grasp whether or not the student is producing a particularly strong performance despite the fact that as teachers we know that the student is baring their soul! So yes, more styalised pieces (but not too abstract or the examiner thinks you have come up with everything!! crikey!) lend themselves to the unit 2 i think.
    I was a little experimental with the Monologues/duologues- all students did monologues from the same play - Road - and all were on stage throughout in character and 'keeping the space alive'. I paired the students up so that there were 2 interpretations of the same character. Each student was then challenged to come up with a contrasting or alternative interpretation of character. It also meant I could teach them the social context of the play, explore themes, style and backstory as a whole cast which I feel meant the students had a strong grasp of the play as a whole and where their monologues/duologues fit in with the piece as a whole. This worked really really well and I would recommend it. The only issue is leaving time between each one so that the examiner can make some notes - i think she was pretty annoyed that there was not a lot of time between each one and perhaps something I will look at this year.
    I hope this is useful - now all i need is help with the Unit 3 and 4!!! arrrggghh! Good luck with it all this year and I hope it goes well.

    Best wishes

  15. I was looking for some help with Units 3 and 4 too but notice that all the Edexcel Unit 3 courses seem to have been cancelled. Does anyone know what's going on with them?
  16. Hannah I totally agree about the style of the Unit 2 pieces. Getting that balance of abstract/naturalism and ability to show character is very hard! The Unit 2 course I went on talked about the need for less ensemble type pieces with the new mark scheme which is interesting and puts another spin on that dilemma! Very hard! Still looking for my Unit 2 pieces...

    In terms of the monologues I wonder whether that's worth checking out. We were told on the AS course I went on this year that they weren't allowed anyone else on stage with them at all so whether that's something that's changed this year I'm not sure but it might be worth doing ask edexcel about that before this years exams.

    Also feel pretty unsure about Units 3 and 4 and can't seem to find courses. The marking of Unit 3 worries me and they're performing in March so I need to start getting a better grasp of it! Bah.
  17. The latest edition of Teaching Drama has an article about the AS Results on page 9. The article invites us to let the magazine know if we are unhappy with the results, or our interaction with EdExcel. The email address is teaching.drama@rhinegold.co.uk
    Please contact them. No harm done.
  18. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    We finally got an apology from Edexcel for their mistakes re Unit 2! Only took 3 months.
  19. In response to Hannah's post about the unit 1 course work for As I would be very interested to know how many of you are drafting and re drafting work with your students. Do we think this is common practise?
    If so then i will re consider my very staunch approach to controlled conditions as in my opinion the students need all the help they can get after last years issues.
  20. BB I was told by two Edexcel examiners on courses that re-drafting was fine, as long as the final draft is written up in controlled conditions.

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