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Edexcel AS Level Unit 2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Andy68, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Nobody turned up! I arrived at 9.45am and they came in and told us that the course would not run at 11.30am.
  2. That is extraordinary.

    3 weeks into term we changed boards to AQA as I have lost total confidence in Edeecel.
    We began the Appeal process on September 17th and yesterday had a letter admitting that they were behind time in the appeal process. This is one of several bland and impersonal letters we have received. We strongly believe there is a case to answer here and are pursuing the appropriate avenues robustly.
    The longer it takes to resolve -- one way or the other- the greater the effect on our students. If we do have to retake Unit 2, we need to plan for it and then of course teach it. Edexcel do not seem to appreciate the urgency in all of this and the effect it is having on our young people.
  3. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    I'd like to hear more about the no-show. Was it an official Edx course or a solo gig?
    We got our Unit 2 scripts back whilst waiting for the re-mark. Only writing on the Section B. As our Section A had no examiner and was on video I wondered whether they'd actually marked the Section A? Surely not? We heard our 're-mark' had bumped our grades up to where we'd expected them and were pleased. Looked forward to the full re-marked scripts. And of course when they finally arrived the Section A bits were there and the Section B bits were the same, writing and all, no re-mark. (We had earlier been told no charge for the re-mark and no chance of downward movement. That must have been when they realised they'd not marked half the Unit!)
    Now I await their expanation for that.
    We've gone to AQA.
  4. Result! Edexcel finally acknowledged that our pupil had in fact been raised from a C to a B by the re-mark examiner. This is after several arguements via phone and email as well as numerous faxing back and for of paper work to prove our case. Absolutely ridiculous that they were disagreeing with us on this. Lucky for us we were sent the new mark sheet as evidence that she had been raised by 7 marks.
    We switched to WJEC almost immediately after hearing of this year's monstrosity.
  5. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    My last post has vanished! I was on p17 and now we're back to p16. Have Edx wrestled control of this posting?
  6. Hi everyone, has anyone appealed yet and heard back from the appeal? (The process following the remarks) Thanks
  7. Just received a letter of acknowledgement so far and apparently they can take 21 days to reply! I guess it's just a waiting game. Still waiting for a reply to my 3 page letter of complaint, too - sent in September! Now worried about impending Ofsted inspection - have you seen the posts from schools who have already been inspected?! Another thing to feel demoralised about....
  8. my post has gone too...freedom of speech hmmm. They must have had the stuff about the no show removed. This thread is obviously hitting nerves.
  9. Are you all referring to the post about a course:
    it can't be true, the TES and EDEXCEL wouldn't treat teachers with such contempt!
  10. Gosh, that's really interesting.
    Anyone care from TES care to say what's going on?
    I understand even the BNP get to air their views these days.
    You could move over to Drama UK - there's no commercial interest over there.

  11. I imagine the subject of the course "no show" is reading this and doesn't want the bad press. It must be really embarrassing to have messed so many people around and had so many kids suffer as a result of their incompetance. I can understand him wanting the posts removed, but the kids can't just remove their innaccurate grades and ignore the issue can they!!! They have to put up with it!!
  12. OK, I know I'm about to face making myself very unpopular on this thread but... I'm going to risk it anyway. I admit we didn't have specific complaints about our results this year (though we did have a couple of other issues) and we have had one year of serious grade discrepancies in the past, however.....
    I have been following this topic avidly and posted a couple of weeks ago but recently have felt that it has turned to being quite vindictive - it is beginning to feel like a witch hunt. I was going to post on the weekend, but was hoping things might take another turn. Nobody is more avidly an advocate of free speech etc than me - but this forum provides us with complete anonymity, and for it to provide a means of ganging up on someone seems to me...not quite right somehow....
    I am all for anger, justice for students, fighting the cause etc but ... it seems gratuitous to attack a person or idea or situation without full facts etc - isn't this exactly the sort of thing that we build up our students to fight against?
    OK. So maybe:
    Things went wrong. Mistakes were made. Communication was weak. These things might all be true, but some of us have loved and respected this qualification and the freedom and challenges it has offered our students for years - let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. We know better, right...?
  13. Whenever I go on a course (which is hardly ever), you have to seek permission, pay for supply, set cover, deal with the aftermath of absence, 'cascade' the course, maybe change personal household arrangements...and go through a lot of palarver. If after doing that there is no course, and you hang around waiting to find out what is going on, what are you supposed to do? Sigh and say 'oh well edexcel, you've been good to me over the years, I can handle one mistake'?
    Couple that with the nature of the course and the furore about AS Unit 2, and you have a vacuum that is hardly going to be filled with loved up Drama teachers. It could be that a course leader is shoved out to take the flak and doesn't feel they should have to.
    If such events are posted about on here, and than removed (..errrr.....why?) it is hardly suprising that in the absence 'full facts' people are going to express discontent, it hasn't exactly been cosmic vituperation after all...has it?
  14. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    I enjoyed Edx's "freedom and challenges" but when I get my GCSE re-moderation back with a few comments some of which are simply untrue and others nit-picking and there's no name attached, no-one you can talk to (apart from Asking the Expert) and the only thing left is to appeal procedure well then Edx has become a faceless monolith. If someone sticks their head above the parapet (charging for it) and then doesn't show then I think it's fair to criticise. I don't know why Edx have changed for the worse over the last 2 years but my loyalty has run out. Even the intro to the new AS course I went on in Oct 08 was delivered with an underlying air of 'don't criticise - just listen'. We pay for everything. I remember annual free moderation and an office you could ring direct with queries. I'm getting old! I think the TES should inform us when they rub out a comment though.
  15. Smokeypink - I have re-read some of the posts from the last few weeks, and what I see, is not teachers being vindictive, but teachers attempting to connect and talk about someone, anyone rather than the faceless machine that is Edxcel - who have closed ranks, dealt with schools quietly and in an under hand fashion rather than posting messages etc on their webiste that address concerns. IF someone (from the Chief Examiner down) were prepared to go on a web-site, write an article in Teaching Drama / TES that specifically addressed all the concerns that we have THEN maybe we would be slipping now into the vindictive - but they haven't, they are staying quiet and hoping that this will go away ... which I pray it doesn't ... we are their customers and we have a right ... as fundementally our students do ... to be heard, to FEEL we have been heard ... and then to be replied to fairly and consistently ... I along with many many others do not feel that is happening.
    Typically, courses are being run by Exdexcel ... and typically, the questions relating to this fiasco are left until the end when everyone is tired and worn down ... and typically the course leaders then say that they 'have finished' answering questions.
    Exdexcel - set up an examiner panel ... let us meet you all somewhere ... as a college near to London I would provide the venue for this ... sit on a panel and directly answer our questions ... then, maybe then we could start to understand this and then maybe then we can lay this to rest.
    I urge the senior / chief examiners to speak to us directly ... not via some £250.00 training day.
  16. Eloquent.
    10 / 10 (or Grade D as it's now known).

  17. Andy68 - I agree with everything you say. I think Edexcel's behaviour is despicable and deserves all the criticism it has been given (and more besides). In fact I am livid for so many of the teachers and I know that I could so easily have been one of them (and may well be next year if things don't get sorted). And I really appreciate that the forum has given people an opportunity to share experiences and get a fuller picture of the whole fiasco. I just think that the posts that have been removed have obviously been removed because of their specific targeting or criticism of one particular person - this is obviously not something which can be facilitated by a respectable publication.
  18. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    My long message that vanished did not contain any specific criticism of Mr Perks (though like all my messages it did contain specific, verifiable unaddressed criticism of Edexcel). As far as I remember it used the word 'cockup' (with a hyphen) to describe Edx's situation rather than the usual 'fiasco'. Cockup was censored with *s and I was worried that people might think I'd written fwordup so I wrote another little message saying so and that went as well. Lumme.
  19. I think my message which followed was also deleted. I'm pretty careful about what I post, so hadn't thought it was scandalous. In it I described an Edexcel course I had been on. No vitriol and even mentioned that there had been some useful hints.
  20. I think there was just a blanket deleting of posts and any posts in between those that had been deemed "delete worthy" also met with the big clear out. Shame

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