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Edexcel AS Level Unit 2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Andy68, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Hi, how long did you re-marks take from when you sent off for them?
  2. I'm so pleased for your two students. That's great news! It's worrying that they clearly got it so wrong the first time.

  3. Great. At the same time that I am utterly unimpressed with Edexcel's standards and marking protocol, the remarking standards seem pretty suspect too. They took only 24 hours to turn around a remark - giving the same mark. Surprise! What? It might be commented that even if they are not bothering to check the videos, they could at least pretend to have a reputable process and wait a few days! This is a mess.
    By the way, great work, those who have complained to the top man at Edexcel, he appears to be resigning - see the BBC website:
    Mr Jarvis said he had been given the opportunity to make a difference to education and was "ready to move on".
    Earlier this year, Mr Jarvis caused controversy by suggesting changes needed to be made to A-level grading system.
    Oh, the irony...

  4. Hi,
    My name is Paul Caputa. I am HOF in the Joseph Whitaker School. 28128. I am so sick of the poor, covered up, self-protecting response of Edexcel that I have just contacted BBC's Education dept and BBC's Watch Dog. If you wish to join me in the strongest possible public protest then contact me on p.caputa@virgin.net I will coordinate the protest. If you need to qualify my integrity then contact me through NUT Nottingham branch via Liam Conway or ring me at school 01623 762327. United we stand a chance for justice for our kids.
  5. Did anybody else get a weasel letter from edexcel today? Says they have NOW decided they will give a Unit 2 breakdown of marks on their results plus, and they have extended a deadline to the 9th of October. Of course thos like me who are paying them a fortune for a Unit 2 blanket re-mark could have done with this information BEFORE the 20th September deadline. They're simply cynical money grabbers like MP's and their expenses, all wanting a sniff of dosh from your paltry departmental budget.
  6. Yes, I got a letter, they don't sound very concerned about any of it do they? I also got an email saying they would call and speak to me in person; our exams manager was gobsmacked!
  7. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    The letter makes it sound like a hiccup in the system. No word of apology. I've had edx people ringing me to tell me the same info about the letter even though we're still waiting for the remarks or pre-marks,
  8. Timed Ed article, based on this thread, appearing this week.
  9. Really? I'll make sure I read it.
    I got the same letter which seemed to down play the whole thing massively! It's daft isn't it.
    Have been reading up on AQA today...it looks pretty similar to Edexcel now the specs have changed. They seem more evenly weighted towards the practical and theory now. So this might be the time to change.
  10. I'm confused. I got a letter today to say they were giving a breakdown of the Unit 6 marks of the old syllabus. This is useless to me. Did I read the letter wrong, or are they talking about the old syllabus?

  11. According to my exams officer, there are two kinds of EAR you can ask for. One checks the marks, the other re-marks the paper (or DVD in our case) If you ticked the wrong box, this could explain the fast turn-round.
  12. All the students I have talked to are extremely upset, it has even ruined many peoples hopes of getting into certain universities. A/B students have been getting D's with many getting E's and U's in unit two, all students worked very hard and none of them deserve such a low grade it has really knocked their confidence.
    Please can I strongly urge you to write to everyone, newspapers, local MP's, head teachers, educational ministers e.t.c The more awareness that is bought to this subject the more exdecel will be forced to do something about it! I am currently contacting everyone I can think of even universities to see if they are aware of this madness.
  13. I would also urge everyone to support Paul Caputa (see previous posts) who is willing to co-ordinate this for us. Thank you Paul.
    I have now had the rest of my remarks back ... and nothing has changed - so the 2 students who applied on their own back for remarks moved up - when I asked as a centre for 10 remarks none changed !!
    My new thoughts have turned to the criteria - examiners may have been marking fairly and to the criteria but when you look at the corelation between criteria / marks / final grades something is wrong.
    A student with 4 'good's (5's) ends up with a D !!! - Can this be correct?
    I don't want to change boards - I love the freedom Edexcel offers in no prescribed texts - BUT there seems to have been a categorical mistake made in awarding grades this year and a letter from Edx is not enough - let's keep this going.
  14. Have you seen message 103, posted by Paul Capota? If somebody is prepared to start a group protest, it could well be a stronger voice than several individual complaints.
  15. On Thursday 24th, Edexcel assured me that it was only a small number of centres who were unhappy with the new spec marks, they also assured me that there is no increase in the expected performance standards from the legacy syllabus. I have one student who already has an agent and has worked in the acting profession, he received an A for unit 1 and a D for unit 2. These marks have ruined students chances of places at chosen Universities. I have had parents and students contact me and tell me that they are ashamed of the poor marks they have received. We are not alone. The numbers who have already joined our campaign prove that there is massive dissastisfaction. If you are a student encourage your teachers to e-mail me with the school name and centre number and I will contact them. I have made good progress with interested parties in our plight. I will contact any school by email or phone. Edexcel are closely watching this thread. Please contact me on p.caputa@virgin.net. Don't give up, keep fighting.
  16. Although we are incredibly lucky and we haven't had any issues with this year's AS results we have been contacted by Edexcel and have been told there was an error with some of the marks and one of my students has gone up a mark, not a grade a mark. They are apparently ringing a lot of centres to tell them of the change and some students have gone up over a grade!

    Not sure if this will help anyone - also the breakdown should be appearing on Resultplus today I can't find it, but have found something that doesn't make any sense and misses out a few of the students.

    Seems to me like Edexcel is frightened!
  17. Also very disappointed with our Unit 2 results which were not in line with what we would have predicted based on experience of the previous spec.If Edexcel had determined to tighten up on the awarding of higher grades then we should really have been told at the outset rather than be left with the shock of finding out in July!
  18. Just to let everyone know you can now see the breakdown of all unit 2 marks on resultsplus on the edexcel site. If you don't have a password your exams officer will have.
    I could see the marks out of 10 for all Unit 2 including the written concepts.
    Check the marks against your records as one of my students actually got 59/80 not 47/80 as the optems said. She has now gone up to a B overall. Edexcel said this was a computer error! How many more could be out there.
  19. I have had exactly the same issue with 6DR02, although I considered my students to be some of the best I have ever entered for A Level they have come out with the worst practical marks of my career. Out of 12 students who I predicted A's - D's in this unit not one got above a D and most of them received E's and U's. I have lost students as they were so disapointed with their results, some have decided not to go on to study drama at university because of their grades and the ones who have stayed have lost all belief in themselves and their ability. I feel these marks are ridiculous as students who are getting E's are those who have worked professionally, are members of NYT and have auditioned sucessfully in one case so far for drama schools. I have obviously applied for a remark for the whole class and for access to the examiners comments and looked on results plus for unit analysis. Once again I have had issues with EDEXCEL as four students marks are missing from my class profile. Edexcel have said that at times they can not show all the candidate data but haven't given me any idea of why? I am still waiting for any results of the post result services that I have asked for. I had lost all faith in my teaching ability but reading this thread has at least let me see that it isn't just me and my students. I really hope that EDEXCEL will admit there have been some errors with this section of the course but it doesn't seem to be the case so far.
  20. Have finally recieved results of Unit 2 remarks and nothing has changed - I'm so angry with Edexcel for lying about the change in standards required. I'm now putting my name on the petition and hoping that going public will help. I am still waiting for a reply to my very long and detailed complaint - I was promised a reply by yesterday, but guess what?!

    I now have to let my students know and hope that they still see a point in continuing with Drama. What a disheartening, infuriating mess for the start of a new specification that looked quite good this time last year.

    Come on, Edexcel, get your finger out and admit the huge error here!

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