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Edexcel AS Level Unit 2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Andy68, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. So, is AQA going to be any better?
    I'm keen to change - is their info and feedback as to how they got on this year?
  2. So, is AQA going to be any better?
    I'm keen to change - is there info and feedback as to how they got on this year?
  3. News of re-marks arrived today. We applied for re-marks for 13 of our candidates and 4 of them went up. The good news for those candidates is that they went up considerably!
    One pupil was raised from 74 to 81 taking his overall AS grade from a 'C' to a 'B'
    Another went from 53 to 67 taking his overall AS grade from a 'D' to a 'C'
    A third pupil went from 65 to 78 and the fourth from 62 to 72 but both of their overall grades remained unchanged.
    Overall I am very pleased for these four pupils (even though I feel some were worthy of the 'A')but I am left feeling that if the moderator could disagree with the original examiner by up to 14 marks, surely Edexcel need to look at their consistency within the assessment of this unit.
    The next step for us is to inform pupils of these changes tomorrow morning and then discuss who wishes to re-sit the unit altogether. I do feel very sorry for those whose marks have remained unchanged as there are others who certainly deserved higher grades. Interestingly enough the 4 mentioned above worked together on their group piece.
    Please keep us informed on other re-marks.
  4. We had 17 students, all A or A* at GCSE and all with A grades for Unit 1. Their Unit 2 marks ranged from A to U!
    In 8 years of being with Edexcel we have never had lower than at either AS or A2.

    The whole cohort was remarked and we had news today that there is no change. We are appealing and writing to Edexcel's CEO as well as Chief Examiner. The contact we have had from them so far has been unhelpful and impersonal.

    Here is a quote from their latest glossy"Service Pledge - Service Excellence - every time".which our school received today:
    "We want to make sure that every aspect of your interaction with us leaves you feeling that we have understood, met and, ideally, exceeded your expectations. We want to do all we can to help you get the best possible results for your
    Oh, the irony...
  5. After emails, calls, letters, misinformation and much tearing of hair I finally got my examiner's sheets for this unit back today, along with a random bill for £20. The comments are spot-on and the examiner has understood and appreciated what all of them did. We were lucky in that with a couple of exceptions most of ours got roughly what we expected (especially helpful after all of them got savage Edexcel GCSE results last year and their confidence was on the floor) but I was surprised that every single student got 7/10 for their written concept. Has anyone had a 9 or a 10 and can tell me how? I wasn't thrilled with the concepts I sent off but wasn't sure how they could have done better within the tiny word limit. Incidentally if there is any sort of a petition or group action happening count me right in - I'm humming Edexcel's piped 'on hold' music in my sleep.
  6. Ironically 7/10 was MY highest mark for written concept too! I also had much lower - i'd say my average was probably 6/10.
    I still have no idea what they did wrong or how to reach the higher marks as these extra marks could have made a grade difference for some students!
    I didn't spend too long on social context (as had been warned that too much irrelevant detail was a no no) but it was dealt with and they also referred to physical acting rehearsals/process.
    Would like to improve on my mistakes so would also be glad to know if anyone got a 9 or 10....if so have you got a copy we could have a peak at??
    Thanks in advance
  7. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    We were apparently remarked, but still have only a set of examiners notes for Section B which look like the remarks in terms of marks achieved - so where are the old and new marks for Section A and the old or new marks for B?
  8. Just wondering if anyone can let me know how long it took for news of remarks from the date you sent off for them? Thanks
  9. <font face="Times New Roman">I have to report a similar experience.</font><font face="Times New Roman"> </font><font face="Times New Roman">We had A2 (legacy) candidates gaining maximum marks for their practical while AS students performing similar work (often to a better standard) gaining U grades on the same day, by the same moderator. Even a more rigorous AS practical should not be so much harder than its old A2 equivalent surely?</font><font face="Times New Roman"> </font><font face="Times New Roman">EDEXCEL have been almost impossible to contact throughout the year and we feel that the new syllabus seemed to actually change during the year (e.g. word counts altering, changes to paperwork, etc). By the end of this (even with the Moderator&rsquo;s feedback) we feel none the wiser. Only the comments by examiners on this forum have really helped put things into a context.</font><font face="Times New Roman"> </font>

  10. I had one student who asked for a re-mark as she was one mark off a D (she really didn't deserve to be marked that low as she is a very hard working student). The re-mark came back saying that they could not even find one extra mark. This student has lost a LOT of confidence in herself that now I am giving up more of my time to almost mentor her through her A2 year..... I don't actually think that the exam boards realise what their 'harsh' marking is doing to these students. I've even insinuated to ALL my students (GCSE as well) that they should not expect top band marks as they appear to be this strange oasis that nobody can reach. They are taking it in good spirits but, at the same time, they are gutted that there is NO chance of them achieving the highest grades possible. My line manager has even expressed her surprise at the way A Level AND GCSE have been marked. I, too had top band students last year with 4 of them gaining full marks but this year, nobody has gained higher than a C and in my professional opinion, at least four of these students should at least gained a B grade. Ah well, looks as though I will get 0% A/B grades at A Level next year and it will be completely out of my hands.
  11. My line manager also expressed concern at how it's been marked. It's wrong, in my opinion, that one person marks such a subjective thing. In PE the examiner marks with the class teacher and there's some discussion and a chance to flag up any concerns before the exam results come in. I know that when we had a very random set of Unit 2 marks a couple of years ago (completely out of line with other markers we've had before and since) it would have been extremely helpful to have been able to flag up concerns to the board before the day the kids get in and are devastated by them
    I think that in some ways, although it was hard, the loss of Unit 3 has meant that there's even less chance of this sort of system happening as there would be no element of the course left that is purely externally examined.
    It also means that we are more at the mercy of Unit 2 examiners to be fair as it's so heavily weighted now! At least with a written exam you can get a fair re-mark, it isn't possible to do that on a practical exam in my opinion.
    I also think I'm right in saying that now there's no element of the AS Drama that the students can realistically re-sit. I posted about Unit 1 and I understand that theyhave to resit the whole thing which means attending extra classes, etc. If Unit 2 is now the externally examined paper for the AS year I strongly believe it should be possible to do a January re-sit of it. Otherwise we are out of line with other subjects and students are going to chose to continue other subjects where it is possible to re-sit.
    Are we any further with sending this thread off somewhere?
    By the way, I think we might have got an 8 or a 9 out of 10 for the WPC so I'll check on Monday and, if so, I'm happy to email it off to anyone who wants it. (With said student's permission of course!)
  12. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    Edecel threatening legal action:? Let them try. They have made obvious provable mistakes all over the shop. Get your head to get the LEA's legal team to respond. All the Heads round us are up in arms over this.
    remember - if your marks are nowhere near the legacy mark then Edx have made a mistake. Unfortunately rather than put their hands up and working with schools to correct this they are fighting school by school and destroying a legacy of being the fairest way to assess Drama at KS4 and 5.
    It's not your fight anymore - get senior staff at School and County to do it.
  13. Totally agree with Thingwall. The other thing is that if you show your students you're taking it seriously and SLT and County are involved it will show them that you mean what you say when you say that the examiners were wrong and that you're not just trying to spare their feelings.
  14. I was told that they could resit Unit 2 (practical) between Feb and May next year - is this not the case??
  15. You may be right, I don't know! I didn't know that that was the case. If you're right I'm more thanhappy to eat my words - that's very useful to know!
  16. You can definitely resit Unit 2 although this has to be from Feb to May- no Jan option. (you can also resit Unit 1 - there are ways of managing this without having to do it all again...). We were lucky not to have the issues raised by so many of you this year - but it sounds absolutely terrifying and I really feel for you and your students. I hope you start to get some decent answers and that the problems this year mean that next year's assessment process is watertight (if that is possible...)
  17. Really? That's good to know, thanks. I asked about this a few years ago and was told you couldn't but I can't remember now where I enquired and whether it was directly to Edexcel or somewhere else. Out of interest, how do you deal with doing Unit 1 without doing it all again?
    I don't have anyone needing to re-sit this year but it's definitely worth knowing!
    I agree that I hope that after all this Edexcel will have to be bang on next year. It'll be interesting to hear what's said to examiners!
  18. a) I feel that the AS Unit 2 marks our students received were low and inaccurate.
    b) I sent a letter of complaint the day after results published requesting a re-mark for 8/22 students. I intended to get a re-mark for all students but the costs of re-marks limited us hugely.
    c) I received a letter last week from edexcel saying that I was too late for a re-mark! An inaccurate and impersonal letter as my re-marks were still in process- how could I be late spending the enitre day after results contacting students for permission and sending letters of complaint that went off that day?
    d) I have subcequently sent a letter of complaint to the chief executive of edexcel and to the edexcel complaints dept.
    e) Yesterday I was informed our DVDs had been lost and we needed to recopy and resend them- how stressful and time consuming.
    I am gutted for both students and staff
  19. We sent off 10 out of our 70 - would again have loved to do them all but too expensive ... the first two came back today and both students have gone up enough on Unit 2 to change their final grade from C to B!!

    Will keep you informed as to progress of the rest - it would be good to hear how other's remarks go.

    Also if anyone is applying to be a unit 2 examiner it would be good to hear what is said at this year's meetings!!!
  20. I had every intention of applying to Edexcel to be an examiner this year. No point now though as we have switched boards so I'd rather work for an exam board that I respect.

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