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Edexcel AS Level Unit 2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Andy68, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Yes, please everyone protest. Personally, (as an examiner) I think letters to Jerry Jarvis (Chief Exec) will imediately bring the situation to the top (see my previous post). Colleagues may like to know that I am hearing that examiners have resigned in protest at the shambles, and the discrepency between grades awarded and what students deserved. I myself am considering whether to do so or to keep being able to get an inside view.
  2. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    Things I hear are moving on apace!
  3. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    Well, my 'remark' appears to have thrown up the fact that the Section A marks weren't included! All grades up. Similar weird stories from nearby schools.
  4. Wow - there's a *** bit of excitement! Is there any more info on how things are moving on apace?
    We're waiting on our remarks - will let you know how they go.

  5. That's terrible!
    Maybe the good thing will be that next year they'll have to be super accurate/fairer so they dont lose all their centres?
  6. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    I'm still not sure whether we've been remarked or just marked! We had a different examiner from 2 nearby schools who have been remarked up - maths problems mentioned? Edxcel were in meltdown on Friday - I worry about schools who have just let it go. I'd say if your students haven't got near the grades you expected keep on at Edx. Before I was told things were going up I was rung and told there would be no charge and no chance of students being marked down. I can't believe it's just my neck of the woods that things have gone wrong in.
  7. This sounds promising. What area was your school in?
  8. I feel absolutely the same and becasue I got in on the Access to Scripts service available to Aug 27th I have now discovered what happened! I have been teaching A level Drama for 19 years and this is the biggest travesty of justice I have ever fought. My dozen students got A- D on unit 1 as predicted without alteration. On Unit 2 they scored D- U even though three top cands predicted A's got A* at GCSE last year and are hoping to study Drama at Uni. All cands are two grades down on prediction withteh highest being a c overall! We are devastated UCAS dreams shattered parents on the phone - you get the picture!! What has happened is that the examiner actually gave reasonable marks which would have got our top two cands A's but her marks were slashed by the team leader who moderated her! The Section A sheets had a moderation damning comment which has been as the basis for taking down the candidate on section B too. Even though there is no evidence (written comments) that the productions were moderated! All our student have lost approx 24 marks which is well over a grade and they have used the duologue as the basis which is unfair then to reduce the Production by the same mark. They were better in the productions but the duologues were reasonalby good. To moderate performance from DVD is problemnatic enough but only to use the duologue seems harsh beyond belief. The remarks have gone off and we will appeal and change board if we don't get some justice!
    The rant goes on!
  9. Hi - are you saying that there weren't two moderators on the day and that your moderator was moderated by dvd evidence???
    That surely is ridiculous - you can't make the SAME judgements between a LIVE and recorded performance. Even the most professional of plays would seem of a lesser quality on DVD. What about audience reactions/ relationships between characters/rapport/ facial exp/subtle body language/ eye contact - all those come out pretty poor on a recording.....
    This is an outrageous way to moderate -I hope you get some justice from the board - your poor students deserve it
  10. Thanks for that Rentonave!
    That is exactly what happened! Presumably the examiner was moderated after visiting our centre and thoguht to be too generous and all her marks were pulled down on te DVD evidence of just section A. Four candidates weren't moderated but their marks still went down 24! Obviously it would be easier to moderate 4 minute duologues than 45 minute plays but this process is unfair and catches te students at tehir most vulnerable as well as being on DVD! When we applied to have all 12 remarked edexcel said on Friday that there would be no charge for this service as the whole unit is being looked into!

    Although lamentable it's great to have some colleagues for moral support at other centres!
  11. Right this is stupid - blunt and silly language I know - but this is what Edx have driven me too.
    Has everyone complained to:
    Ask the expert
    Ask Exdexcel
    Complaints at Edexcel
    If not - please do so.
    If your head / principal hasn't logged a formal complaint to Alan Perks Chief Examiner please do so.
    The standardisation of Unit2 has been woefully wrong
    The parity between legacy and new specification is wrong
    The parity between Edx and AQA practical examining is out of joint
    These are Ofqual matters.
    I want to:
    1. Write an article to the TES about this
    2. Write an article to Teaching Drama about this
    3. Write and article to The Stage about this
    How can I include all your 'signatures' in this? Any suggestions are most welcome - please - we all need to put our names to this - let me know them and ask others who have been affected by this shambles to contact this thread on this site.
    Edx know there is a mistake and now we need to let others know the mistake to ensure that Edx do not let this one go.
    I will post articles here - I just need many voices to add to mine.
    We've done remarks and ATS and we relaise that it is not our mistake, for the sake of our students let us push forward together.
  12. I have complained to edexcel and written a letter to the stage. I think edexcel are quite frightened about a press backlash (my sources tell me) so that might be an interesting angle to pursue does anyone have any press contacts? Edexcel are now keen to email all examiners reports through to heads of dept for analysis free of charge. They had said originally that the only way to get the breakdown of unit 2 was to enter the students for a remark at a cost but that is no longer the case. As it was looking as if edexcel were only interested in the money, they are probably afraid of appearing as money grabbing heartless bureaucrats who do not give a damn about the kids.
    They are starting to be very co operative as they realise that they have messed up here.....I think a press attack may force them to behave next year and give kids a fair chance.


  13. I've just written a letter of complaint and will keep you posted as to the reply. I've mentioned errors in publications as well as the Unit 2 debacle - might as well get everything off my chest! Does Edexcel's 'Quality of Written Communication' get anyone else's goat?!
    Great news about lots of remarks and upgrades - keep the info coming! [​IMG]
  14. hi! we are also very upset... now re. our remarks! not one change to any student.
    and the post-results 'service'?! - after spending £50+ per student [total cost for a sample = £400+]... we got back... wait for it!!!
    a generic 3 sentences - 2 of which were devoted to saying what we had to do next if still unhappy. absolutely no justification or comment on any individual's work or explanation of how they got such poor marks. what a waste of money and what poor professional practice!
    i am just astonished that edexcel think this will keep their credibilty. we have no faith in the process whatsoever. we realise that they are probably overstretched but at every stage this year the policy has been to pass the pressure on to teachers - ridiculous turnround deadlines, continued admin excesses, an access to examiners' scripts deadline that expires whilst we are legally entitled to still be on vacation! anyone else miss that one?! i think we may seriously invest in a solicitor to go thru' the ICE stuff at the start of each year and to check the so-called website updates that so often seem to draw attention to deadlines - once they've passed! [funnily no alerts seem to be posted to us.]

  15. That response sounds pathetic :( Just wondering how long it took for remark results to be returned ? ie, how many weeks from the send off date???
    If Edexcel are going to turn around and still say that 'good' practical = a C/D, then yes, please go ahead with the letters/press as it needs to be taken a step further. Very unhappy.
  16. I have gone over all of my examiners reports and the comments are actually really detailed and very very helpful. I completely agree with all of the marks we had a monologue getting 10s and lots of outstandings across both sections. I feel that the examiner was very fair and I have no criticism.

    However when candidates are recieving good and excellent marks in their practical assessments and are still coming out with a C we have a problem. The grade boundaries are clearly the issue I have no complaint with my examiner and have found the analysis very helpful and based on that alone I would not even consider a re mark. I don't understand why excellent is clearly a B grade this is stupid!
    They need to remember what was an A last year is still an A therefore excellent = A!
  17. I am also afraid to post on here due to the fact for A level we were really lucky with our results. DO you not think it is ridiculous that I feel lucky to have earned the grade that we deserved!
    However my GCSE results were an utter joke - due to this and from reading this thread I have now completely lost any faith in Edexcel.

    So although our grades were ok and I was really pleased I would still be willing to sign my name up to anyone's petition letter etc as I feel terrified for next year already! I have changed boards for GCSE and am now considering it for A level. Really unsure of what to do.

  18. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    We've been given our 'proper' marks now. Edx say they were remarked, I think they finally added on Section A. No sign of the examiners notes for Section A, I did see some of the Section B ones last week. A colleague elsewhere has seen Section B marks scribbled out and random lower ones written in - they're still waiting for final re-grades.
    Now do I spend big bucks asking for a P1 GCSE re-moderation?
  19. Bigbrother, did you get your examiner's reports sent free of charge? I'm getting charged for mine still - I feel another complaint letter to Edexcel coming on!!
  20. they emailed them to me on the day of request free of charge
    they were very very cooperative

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