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Edexcel AS Level Unit 2

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Andy68, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    Looking to the future I'm thinking of getting in touch with places like National Drama, London Drama, the Drama Schools and the University Drama Depts. I've already got panicking students worried about their places and Ucas refs that are going to have to read eg " an outstanding drama student, who unfortunately dropped drama after his best subject gained him a D while his other 3 subjects gained him A A and B."
  2. But is there nothing we can do ASAP as a unified group in a desperate and vain attempt to make Edexcel see sense and re-look at 2009 marks allocated for Unit 2? Surely this is not right if so many people have been negatively affected??
  3. Similar problem here. Although some marks were fair, there was one absolute howler. A student who at GCSE last year was awarded full marks on his practical, at AS went in with an A on his coursework and two very strong performances and ended up with.....a C overall. He had A's in his other subjects, so will probably drop Drama, although he is absolutely outstanding and was thinking of doing it as part of his degree at university. Of course I will ask for a re-mark, but I think the damage is done.
  4. perhaps as a short term measure we could sign a vote of no confidence in the new assessment?
    is there an online place to create this?
    Or we could go to the press?
  5. And send the vote of no confidence to Edexcel?
    Don't know if there is an online place - I suppose there is the 'register a complaint' on Edexcelonline that we could all sign? But not great...
    Or do we need to send our reservations to Ofqual?
    Just feel like we all need to do something and soon
  6. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    In my latest chat today with Customer Services they did say there's a place for comments on the Edexcel site - let's go! (except I'm busy planning tomorrow's GCSE start having just switched from Edx to OCR.)
  7. I have already written to this thread voicing my disgust at the low AS Unit 2 marks - I am a Unit 2 examiner. During our examiner training, when we told to keep the marks low, "outstanding" was seen as "above AS" and it was expected that most examiners would never see such a candidate. "Excellent" was therefore seen as the old-scheme's "top half of Band 1" And good was meant to be just that "good". However, we innocent examiners were led to believe that, at grade-setting this would be, say, B-C grade - a decent pass. I don't think this has happened. The 500 word written blurbs were often marked low (4/5 out of 10) because the strict (though poorly explained) criteria of what to include, were not there. Do not expect comments on the individual mark-sheets to be very meaningful, as we are told to keep them bland, to avoid providing ammunition for complaint.
    Edexcel's Managing Director is Jerry Jarvis. Why not write en masse to him at Edexcel, 190 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7BH - preferably with the force of your Head behind you - and making clear your thoughts re. changing boards, and demanding a meaningful response.
    As is clear, since take-over by Pearson, Edexcel is very cost-driven (just ask how much examiners are paid - and treated!) and the prospect of losing clients through a lack of confidence in the exam and the senior examiners would be closely noted, I am sure.
  8. As for going to the press, this is always a good idea. I suggest The Stage newspaper could have an interest, especially as it potentially affects students wanting to undergo drama training. Perhaps refer them to this thread for the strength of feeling.
  9. Well thank you Mottingham for being so honest with us about the conspiracy that is the unit 2 marking. I am further enraged today on discovering that it will cost us £51 for each pupil to have their exam re-marked.
    Met with our students today for the first time since results day and devastated isn't the word. Several confessed at having seriously considered dropping out of school all together! Having previously believed that Drama was their strongest subject they are now all getting used to the idea that it may in fact be their weakest grade when collecting their results next year. All thanks to the monstrosity that is Edexcel!
  10. Think I may have posted this already!!
    How about a letter with as many of our signatures on as possible (at least our names) sent to Edx Chief Exec, copied to Ofqual (I really think this is where something will happen - it falls within their remit) and then a seperate letter sent to the Stage?
    How do we go about this and keep this moving forward?

  11. I think I already posted the news that I hadn't received the WPC back with the examiner's notes (under ATS) but I have kicked up such a fuss that they are 'sending me them, under special circumstances' - so if anyone else hasn't had theirs sent back under an ATS get onto them - they're sending mine, they should send everyone's!
    We're going for 10 remarks, as someone has already pointed out, many of our students were just into a grade boundary and were sacred of re-marks (even though looking at the examiner's notes, they should apply!) - so we have found 10 out of the 70 - they are going off tomorrow.
    Please share experiences as we hear back from re-marks.
    Let's not let this go yet.
  12. Andy - was there a specific person you 'kicked up a fuss' with?
    Be useful to know who to contact so we maybe jump on the band wagon
    My exams officer was told it was too late but he has emailed an appeal

  13. <font size="3">I don't know what department he is in but his name is </font><font size="3">Peter Blagdon and he was contactable through the main switch board number: 0844 5760025</font>
    <font size="3">I also put in a complaint with ASK THE EXPERT and got the following reply:</font>

    Dear Andy

    I have spoken to Edexcel assessment team regarding the post results service.
    This only provides copies of the examiner mark sheets. It is stated in the
    ICE that all centres must keep a copy of the recordings of the performances.
    In future the ICE will make it clear that the centre needs to keep copies of
    the WPCs and annotated texts for Section A and both the director's notes and
    text for Section B.
    I realise this does not help you with your concerns about this year. All
    written documentation that is needed to support Unit 2 will have been
    produced prior to the examination and already seen by the candidates and
    teachers so is not produced under the same conditions as an examination
    I will also pass on to Edexcel your query and my response.
    You will now have a copy of the mark given for the WPC and a comment by the
    examiner and I hope this will help you decide if you wish to ask for a
    I am sorry that you have had a frustrating time with this but your concerns
    needed to be addressed by Edexcel as they are beyond the remit of the senior
    examining team who answer the ATE queries.

    Best wishes

    I have logged an official complaint with:
    and logged a complaint with Ask Edexcel through the form on-line.
    I hope this helps x

  14. It's both reassuring and horrifying to see so many centres in the same predicament as we are! Like many of you, we had very low Unit 2 grades, appealed and had it rejected, requested breakdown of marks and did not receive them and so on.
    We have now compiled a letter outlining reasons why we feel the marks were unfair and pointing to discrepancies in EdExcels own handbook. We intend to send this letter to Edexcel and QCA to see if it will help - thanks for posting the addresses.
    Our students are gutted and it seems so unjust. We've NEVER had U grades in a practical performance and this year 4 students received them.
    We as teachers need to do at petition at least! Anyone any good at setting up online petitions? We could then forward that and the link to this forum to the national press to put the pressure on Edexcel to alter marks.
  15. We had our breakdowns today. Some of the notes were sent back some weren't! The feedback from the examiners (we had 3!) was interesting but I just find it very difficult to see why some pupils were in the boundary they were when the write up was so positive. It seems as though they were worried about putting students in the top bracket. Like I said before, we came off ok this year but I know what Edexcel can be like (from bitter experience!!!!) and it just worries me that we won't be so lucky next year. What to do?
  16. We are also very unhappy with what we got in unit 2, with all students getting at least a grade below what I expected them to get. The worst thing is, is that I have lost two students because of the low marks and the rest were really down about it. We are a very good school and have always got good marks, these kids were no different to previous years, so why the massive change?
    God, I'm so frutrated with Edexcel. I follishly changed my GCSE to them because I was really fed-up with trying to figure out the ridiculous written exam from AQA. I am really beginning to regret that now.
    I will complain too. They need to understand that these kids are 16/17 and will largely not be capable of the outrageous high level criteria thay have now set for top band work.
    lets not let the momentum of anger fade, we ALL have to fight this, tooth and nail.
  17. Just before I write my letter of complaint re Unit 2, has anyone else done this already, and does anyone think it might be useful to all say the same thing?! Suggestions or examples of 'paragraphs' welcome!
    Ta. Nearly Friday!
  18. Just read the post about outstanding being 'above as standard'. Are you kidding???? They used to say that there would be exceptional kids who would be getting 100/80 if that were possible but that we shouldn't penalise other students who aren't quite as exceptional but are still excellent. I really don't understand this!
  19. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who's annoyed with Edexcel's incompetence with basic grammar in almost every publication. My own students spot errors that are in their published material and sometimes the exam board's lack of understanding of basic english actually means the opposite to what they intended it to mean. They at least need to get someone who can write instructions clearly. I find the instructions for Unit 1 misleading - where does it specifically say that the 8 (or 7, with practitioner) have to be covered on each text? They do say covered by both, which could imply that 4 elements could be done for each play. Confusing.

    What other diescrepancies do you refer to in your letter, Carly?
  20. I have been interested in just how many centres are so dissatisfied withn the Unit 2 result and mentioned it to them when I called today. I was told that if there are enough centres that request a remark then they will take notice and look at the way they are operating. This was important becase 'you are the experts delivering these courses'. The inference being that we know how to do our job, clearly not evidenced in the fact of the dreadful results.
    Is it worth all of us at least writing to edexcel and regestering our lack of confidence even if we don't request a remark. After all that is an expensive business. I was told to write to feedback@edexcel.com

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