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Edexcel AS Level Unit 2 - Paperwork Query

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Noodle_Bowl, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Perhaps a silly question, but for Unit 2 I am directing "The Trojan Women" - and 3 students will be playing the Chorus. Can I make up names for the characters (even though they don't HAVE names in the script) or should they be 'Chorus Member 1' etc.?

    Only you have to give character names on the paperwork to send to an examiner (who will know there aren't characters named Jess, Humphrey and Arthur or whatever they're called).

  2. I gave characters names when I did "Pornography" by Simon Stephens; maybe you can put something like: Bob - Chorus member one? As long as they are identifiable to your examiner (CLEARLY identifiable; not all dressed in black with the most subtle of differences) then, it should be fine.
    Again; it may be worth phoning the exam board directly to be absolutely certain.
  3. I would do what Nwylie says and maybe put Bob (chorus)
    I don't think you will get anywhere phoning the board (could be wrong) as i asked the expert a question about a play for Unit 2 and was told it was out of their remit - they couldn't answer about texts as it teachers own choice and just to check the specification for clarification.
  4. Thanks guys - I thought as much.

    Good idea to put 'Chorus' in brackets to identify that is who they are too.

    Noo x

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