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Edexcel AS French new spec

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by butlins, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. butlins

    butlins New commenter

    Hi there
    Did anyone attend the online conference on this syllabus? What did you think? and are you using a specific textbook for the course? I am under the impression we are supposed to be resourcing this ourselves and this may be a problem when looking for listening exercises to practice the summarising skills. What do people think? I would be grateful for any feedback. thanks.
  2. JulieShivaree

    JulieShivaree New commenter


    I am teaching AS too with Edexcel and I am as confused as you are. They don't seem to have published a textbook in line with the new spec and in the spec they provide very few info on how to award the overall grade, A to E.

    Do you know more about this? How do you convert your raw mark into a grade? I guess the grade boundaries table that we were using is not valid anymore. I wrote to the Edexcel support team and they said they are unable to set or approve any grade boundaries for qualifications or give marks to grades until first awarding has formally taken place. So how are we supposed to grade students work?

    Sorry to not be able to help you and to use your thread for my question!
  3. butlins

    butlins New commenter

    HI there

    Well I have just given my AS students an assessment on this and I actually used the AQA sample material which is very similar. No there are no grade boundaries so I just used a percentage to give them an idea but told them it's not set in stone.
    AS for resources, well we have ordered the ZigZag stuff and it seems ok so far. What Work are you doing ?(as the call it!).
  4. nellydean

    nellydean New commenter

    There are Hodder education books published for the new A-level
  5. suzepotter

    suzepotter New commenter

    yes I am not impressed with them. They jump very quickly from GCSE to translating really complex language into French. Also before you know where you are there is the subjunctive and the past historic when most students are still struggling with additional tenses such as conditional, pluperfect etc. Also their listening online exercises - difficult to use the rewind?
  6. Paiwon

    Paiwon New commenter

    Re. grading. I have heard that initially at least there is supposed to be parity of levels when compared with the previous years so I have based myself on previous experience. Not easy or satisfactory when the material and Assessment Objectives are different!
    Re. course book. I have been using do languages.com to get together a course book. I think it is good because you can pick and choose much more but certainly challenging as is the A level generally.
  7. suzepotter

    suzepotter New commenter

    have you looked at Stephen Glover's new resources? They are pretty good and based on all the different specs. they are on alevelfrench.com which directs you to another site.
  8. jujul

    jujul New commenter

    I use the new Hodder textbook but I am not really impressed with it.
  9. suzepotter

    suzepotter New commenter

  10. suzepotter

    suzepotter New commenter

    I like the Glover approach but the listening exercises are very difficult ( for my class anyway) However generally I like all the vocab games and the approach to oral work. Also like all the cinema facts and figures.

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