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Edexcel AS Applied Business Unit 3 - Marketing

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by ste100, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I am an NQT and was just wondering how others have tackled this unit in the past. Do you find it is better to prepare an assignment brief to give to students? or do you talk through the specification and that be it? Does anyone have any assignment briefs I might be able to have a look at?

    How long do you devote to teaching and how long to working on the assignment?

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi all,
    I am an NQT and was just wondering how others have tackled this unit in the past. Do you find it is better to prepare an assignment brief to give to students? or do you talk through the specification and that be it? Does anyone have any assignment briefs I might be able to have a look at?

    How long do you devote to teaching and how long to working on the assignment?

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.



  3. Good post. We asked our students to research and develop a new product for Cadburys (such as Low calorie chocolate). In hindsight, I should have made a better effort to guide them as regards the products they should have considered like low calorie chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Organic Fair Trade Chocolate. Some of the lower ability students lacked any real imagination.

    I think that next year we will look at a more regional product such as asking students to research the feasability of opening up a Beauticians or Hair Salon in a large local town and to develop a suitable Marketing Mix to differentiate themselves from the competition and meet customers needs and wants. That would make it easy to research, segment, produce a marketing mix, and evaluate.
  4. You have mail :)

    I teach single Edexcel Applied Business A Level, so this includes Unit 3 Marketing.

    I have tried doing the unit several ways and I have found the following works best for my classes:
    Dividing the whole piece of coursework into smaller tasks, with a booklet made for each task, in which I go through the theory needed for each task. I also have tried to do the coursework with different companies, and found Cadburys to be the best because it can be approached by higher and lower ability candidates and it also makes marking a hell of a lot easier.

    My first lesson is finding out how much they all ready no, i use my interactive whiteboard, showing them adverts, are they good and bad and why are they effective - a classic one to use for me is the gorilla Cadburys advert. They also have to think what marketing is and why is is important. I also run through teacher expectations and what me as their tutor should expect, and what the students expect from me. I give them a plan of the unit, saying what lesson we will be doing what in, on this is also deadline dates, and then their is no excuse for them not to submit work to these deadlines.

    I tend to spend 2 - 4 hours theory on the assignment before giving out the task to the class. I then go through the task and give them an example task to look at which has been moderated by Edexcel. One of these is an E grade and a A grade and then with the E grade they can write in groups, or individually and then feed back to the class on how to improve it.

    I usually give out the assignment three weeks before it is due in and use 1 1 and a half hour session where they can complete the assignment in class, where they can ask for help and I try to book computers for this the rest in their own time.

    Then if they do not submit to deadlines, for their first submission I send a letter home, saying they chose not to complete a first submission, the final submission will mark the work as it is is on .... then the date.

    If they do not submit work to the final deadline, I simply ring home, if this happens more than once they go on disciplinary report and I give them 0 for that section, making it harder for them to do well in the unit.

    I also arrange a drop in coursework session, one dinnertime a week for students to drop in and ask for help.

    Also if they want to submit a copy before the first draft deadline, or the final deadline they can as long as they haven't missed any deadlines, and I will mark it give them ideas how to develop it further.

    The best thing to do, is to encourage students to develop their answers fully, and if they do as they are told, i.e. submit to deadlines you will help those more than those who are too lazy, and blatantly think coursework isn't as important as other exam a levels.

    As regards to the specification, I go through it, as it states in the mark scheme, for example A01 skills and how they can achieve that, as a class we break it down into easy to understand language. I ensure that all students have a general idea of what to do buy asking them.

    We generally, go through the unit using booklets, which are split into different ones for different tasks.

    I personally dont enjoy teaching this unit, I prefair unit 2.

    Hope this helps
    Lizi x

  5. cb700

    cb700 New commenter

    Hi Liz could I aslo have a copy of any info you have as well????
    Ive just taken over a job last week and the studnets are half way through this unit and none of them seem very organised!
  6. Thank you so much for the replies and the resources you have sent. You are a lifesaver!!!! You have really helped me clear up how I should approach this unit. For Unit 2 - Investigating Business, I basically gave them the specification and told them what to do, but the students lacked structure in their work. Assignment briefs are the way forward I think!! It will be a busy couple of months preparing these for the double award now!!

    Thanks again,

  7. No problem, well we are all here to help each other.
    1 thing I am really struggling with in this band is pushing students to get into the high MB3, by giving comprehensive explanations for things. Has anyone got any idea how I can distingish clearly to students the difference between an explanation for band 2 and band 3.
    I think this is one of the hardest thing to do when teaching this coursework. What do the rest of you think?
    Lizzi x
  8. Sorry to jump in - but I would also love a copy of the resources please. Could you email, kirstiewhittall@hotmail.com pretty please x
  9. cb700

    cb700 New commenter

    Has anyone been on a marking course for this. Starting to mark some of the projects and finding it really difficult! It is the first time i have taught this unit! Is there any info on the net for marking?
  10. Sorry about the late reply.
    I belive when marking this unit it is all about the detail. All the points made must be fully explained and justified and before a descion is made for example on what change they are making to the product alternatives have been taken into consideration.

    The general markbands on the grid are very general, but if you look in the spec, you will see that they are explained fully for example to meet assessment criteria a in MB1 .... etc! This is found at page 31 of the spec.

    If you need any assistance dont hesistate to post back.
    Lizzie x

  11. Hi

    Is it possible for me to get a copy as well, is covering a maternity post, and the work is all at odds and ends.



  12. cb700

    cb700 New commenter

    Hi guys just started marking 50 of these wonderful projects. Think im marking a bit harsh but first one got 11/ 60 (her target is only a E) What are the grade boundaries?
  13. January examiner's report on Edexcel website with grade boundaries.

  14. Dear Lizzie

    I am teaching Edexcel Applied business studies for the first time in September, I was wondering if you would be knid enough to send me the material for unit 2 and unit 3. I just need an ideaon what they should look like, your strategies are very helpful. I work in the west midlands I wouldnt mind meeting up with you so you can give me some guidance. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  15. Hi Lizi
    Just came across your post, I am teaching this course for the first time and would really appreciate a copy of the resources you mentioned. I am really unsure on what an assignment brief should look like for the students.
    Many thanks, Helen.
  16. Hi,
    If anyone has any resources or guidance on marking please could you email on. Particularly the example past graded coursework.. I'm marking at the moment and it's difficult to know how to apply the markscheme.
    Many thanks
  17. Hi all,
    I'm still after an example past graded coursework if anyone's got one...
    Any help very gratefully received.
  18. Lizi - i feel bad asking, but i would love a copy of your resources if you would be willing to share. I am just starting this course this year and have been thrown in at the deep end. In a panic - can you help me please?


    many thanks

  19. princessjill

    princessjill New commenter

    Hi Liz,

    I have just come across this post as i have just begun teachign this course also. I am wondering if I too could share resources with you as I am unsure, looking at exemplars over the past few years each person has a different layout.

    Thank you,


  20. princessjill

    princessjill New commenter

    if anyone else ahs any resources id be greatly appreciative to please:)

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