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EdExcel AS and A2 results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by adrok, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Got us some crazy rank order going on with the Unit 2 marks. What we perceived to be some of our weakest candidates have ended up with some of the best marks. Students we considered "excellent" have been given same mark as ones we considered "adequate".

    Unit 1 marking deemed too generous and the sample session teacher-led (marking deemed spot on for past 4 years, same sample session I always send has never had any problem with it)

    Nice things said about our Unit 3 and the marks considered accurate.

    Usual full range of A-U marks for Unit 4.

    How did yours do?

  2. Awful awful awful AS results. I am cross upset and angry. Our unit 2 marks we very off. I also am an examiner for that unit and the marks were way way way off. I examined this year and my marks standarised against my team leader were spot on. I realise they are my own kids but some have been marked two grades below in most cases. Just completely outrageous! A strongly worded letter and appeal about to happen. It's just a complete outrage!
  3. Unit 2 was at least a mark lower than anticipated. I may appeal these but most shocking was my unit 4. The weakest candidate came out with the highest marks and my strongest the lowest. I am most definitely sending these back for a re-mark as regardless of this anomaly none of the students achieved above half marks despite me predicting two of the questions and marking practice exams of theirs at at least 50/80 minimum.

    Anyone else found unit 4 marks odd?
  4. With what OP said about unit 2 rank order could there be some kind of mix up in processing?
  5. I'm quite perturbed by some of my Unit 2 marks and am absolutely thinking of an appeal. We had a very harsh examiner who, granted 'wasnt there to make friends' as we were politely told by the exam board has mariked, in my opinion, quite harshly. Its my first through this but even I know that we may have been hard done by. Not really sure what to do. :-(
  6. I am bitterly regretting giving Edexcel another chance this year. We have the most ludicrous marks for Unit 2 - we were so hopeful, having had an examiner back who got it spot on last time. This time, she was accompanied by a moderator. The marks are the lowest ever - candidates who would have had marks in the 100's are scraping 80. There seems to be no ability to appreciate solid preparation, characterisation, communication to an audience - we have students who gave polished, confident and engaging performances gaining 50/120. I despair. In my experience remarks and appeals don't get anywhere, except for funding Edexcel's incompetent, inconsistent approach. Gutted.
  7. I totally sympathise with those who have had crazy Unit 2 marks as it has happened to me in the past and I think it is just down to luck which is very unsettling! This is the time of year when I wish I taught Maths. I know that there is a subjective element to Drama but there should be some standard appreciation of what a good performance is. I think you should appeal anyway as otherwise Edexcel will think they are suddenly getting it right with Unit 2 (when really it is because most of us have given up appealing)
  8. I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with some of your students' results. I want to make sure that you are aware of the options available to you now:

    • for unit 2 you can look at the breakdown of marks on ResultsPlus, this will show you how your students have fared in sections A and B of the performance exam
    • through our results enquiries services, details can be found here: http://bit.ly/1cPu6OO
    • you can request to see your examiner mark sheets; this may help you to gain further further clarification
    • should you continue to have concerns about your students' results you can then apply for a remark.
    As the Subject Advisor for Drama, I am here to help you. You can give me a call on 0844 372 2191 or send me an email to TeachingPerformingArts@Pearson.com

    Paul Webster
  9. Rentonave, I couldn't agree more! Our unit 2 were extremely high this year. Of course I'm not complaining, but can't help but think back to last year and be shocked at the inconsistency. All WPCs were 7 or over this year with some 9s; last year highest mark was 6. Lowest practical mark was 5 but lots of 7s, 8s and 9s. Really not what we had expected, apart from a couple who were definitely more able. Again, not complaining but the inconsistency is extremely apparent. Please don't panic those who've got disappointing/inexplicable Unit 2 results and remember we've all been there. We've had some crazily harsh examiners in our time!

    A2 were disappointing as the unit 4s were low. Definitely much lower than usual for us. Q4 (which I thought was very ambiguous) has really stumped them and affected their timings as well. Going to apply for a remark but not hopeful. Really gutted for them as they're such an amazing class who have done so exceptionally well at Unit 3. They all pretty much came out one grade lower than deserved.

    Dreading GCSE!
  10. My results made interesting reading this year. The AS were disappointing in many ways - the highest candidate getting a B for his performance which should have been an A without a shadow of a doubt and one E grade and all the others C and D (I had 21 students so it looks a bit strange having 19 C and D grades!). Although these students weren't the strongest I've had, they had worked so hard generally and with me being an examiner too, this really disappointed me.

    Unit 4 on the other hand.....wow!!!! Lots of high marks and grades. Only three out of 11 gaining a C, D and U (one didn't even turn up to the exam) and 2 B grades and the rest As and A*s - I am absolutely delighted! All but one student gained a C or above -it's nice to write down that my A-B passes at A2 were 81.8%!!!

    Don't get me started at GCSE - I'll say it now - shocking! Maybe a couple of B grades but lots of D, E, F, G and at least 2 U grades.
  11. dande

    dande New commenter

    Hi Paul

    Would be useful to be able to look at the breakdown of marks as I have done for Unit 4, but only the total raw marks are showing for me on Results Plus. This is really disconcerting as not sure how my students have performed on each section of the paper. Some of the marking is bizarre as one of my best students was given a U. Based on previous years I had her down as a B. Not sure why I can't get the breakdown of marks when quite clearly other centres can - and I know I am looking in the right place as have the downloaded document just without the marks!
  12. Hi Dande,

    what's your centre number and I will have a look for you. ResultsPlus shows UMS marks, so this seems a bit odd.
  13. It wont even let me click on the Report Plus Analysis and i cannot see the 'highlight report' bit i was emailed about. The more i think of it the more angry I am about Unit 2. My students did not deserve what they got at all and i was heartbroken to see them so upset today. The examiner we had apparently (having had a conversation with other teachers at an SSF workshop) is notorious but when i rang to complain about her treatment of her the board's reply was 'she wasnt there to make friends'. That, i appreciate and accept but she wasnt there to make them feel like she did either. V disgruntled.
  14. Klylass: the problem with your access to Report Plus Analysis could be with your 'pop up blocker' on your pc/laptop. Try pressing 'ctrl' when you select Report Plus Analysis. I understand that you are upset about your students' results and I sympathise. Do you know who you spoke to when you called Edexcel regarding the 'notorious' examiner?
  15. I am absolutely gutted with AS unit 2 results ..I too am ex examiner (I know these were my kids but... ) and the results were at least 2 grade below what expected?

    It is like a lottery

    last year all A grades and B grades this year one B mostly C's 2 D's and a U????

    I had a lad who got 93 UMS last year and this year did a resit and only got 63????

    retention will be seriously affected and recruitment....I don't know what to do

    I cannot risk this happening again or A level Drama will be finished!!! :(
  16. Now I have read them all I find ...I could have written most of these posts myself post you all have my sentiments ...this is to add to my earlier post...I am still reeling and have had the stuffing knocked out of me... I have been teaching edexcel a level for 12 years and my confidence has gone :(
  17. dear wordwren

    I really feel for you Edexcel are so inconsistent I too gave them another chance this year.
  18. This is my 7th year of teaching edexcel and I wept this morning. I didn't have a clue what to do...its never happened before and I just couldn't believe what I was reading. I pride myself on my Unit 2 performances and think I mark really fairly when I examine others. I have gone from weeping to cross to upset to disappointed to not being able to even think about GCSE next week never mind teaching next year.
  19. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    If Paul is still reading this thread I would love to know what Edexcel are doing about this? It happens every year. I speak to a number of HODs weekly and we all feel the same. I would like Paul and his team to know about the actual fear we experience each year on results day because it is simply impossible to predict practical results. I was first advised to go on courses. Then I became an examiner myself. I have taught for twelve years and yet still I do not feel able to tell a student what they will achieve. Every results day is a humiliation. Every results day is a worry that I am not a good teacher. As I watch students who get straigh As in other subjects get a D in mine whilst a student who was frankly **** gets an A. Each year I lose students between AS and A2. Each year I sit with the Head and try to justify marks I don't comprehend. Each year I deal with the tears of hard working and talented students who simply do not know where they went wrong whilst undeserving students walk away with the top grades because of the subjective, disorganised and frankly disgusting marking (and I speak as an examiner). I have been on training each year and seen how woefully inadequate it is. When we all sit down and watch exemplars (on video which is a joke in itself) and then all look at each other in disbelief when the 'standardised' marks are read out. And then we argue about them for ten minutes - some saying "too high" others "too low". Then we all trundle off to take children's futures into our hands with the idea that we will somehow change our views and keep the standard in mind. And I pride myself on trying to do that, but there are hundreds of us and in the same way that a show can have a five star review from one reporter and a one star review from another, it is totally impossible for edexcel to claim that there is any parity. The many forms of drama are so utterly varied and thus any sense of standardisation is a fallacy. The marking criteria are so vague that it becomes a simple question of "is that voice good or excellent or outstanding?" Which is a totally subjective, opinion-based question asking an examiner to make a personal value judgement and hoping they will bear in mind a video or two they saw back in January.

    I could offer the example of my student who got a D last year in unit 2. Her monologue gained solid 9s, including the proposal, but her group piece gained her 4s. So she redid the unit this year and kept her monologue the same, including the proposal, whilst doing a new group piece. Low and behold her monologue this time is only worth 5s, including the proposal previously marked at a 9 and completely unchanged. Her group piece this time was a 9. This was also the monologue she used to gain her place at drama school.

    I have so many examples like that.

    Surely, Paul and all at Edexcel, you must recognise that practical marking is currently an abomination which is causing the subject to suffer in terms of uptake? Last term I spoke to my amazing year 10s to encourage them to opt for A level. They all said that they could not risk their ucas application as drama marking is so unpredictable alongside higher boundaries. I fear in a few years I will have no candidates.

    I want you and your team to appreciate the enormous personal effects this unpredictable, unfair marking has on both teachers and our students. I want you to do something about it. The ideal solution would be two examiners who are randomly paired up and then have to reach a consensus or take the average mark without communication between them.

    I defy you to state caregorically that you or anyone at Edexcel honestly believe that three different examiners watching the same students would award identical marks for all eight criteria. We all know that us what should happen if training is correct and marking us fair but I wonder if anyone believes that it would ever happen?

    I know this may sound vitriolic but yes, I am angry and upset and that is this year with only two 'anomalies' in the marking. It is simply the unpredictable nature of edexcel's practical units which drives me to despair.

    You may say two examiners would be more expensive, but I reckon edexcel could afford it with the many thousands of pounds you must generate through remark requests (which by the way inevitable move the mark just enough to avoid the next grade and a refund)

    Now, the question is will you reply?
  20. Perfectly put, corblimeyguvnor. I predict a 50% drop out for A2, including pupils who love the subject, and a massive decline in those taking the subject at A'level. We used to have consistently good results and large take-up of the subject in a non-selective school. We have not changed our teaching standards - are Edexcel on a mission to wipe out the Arts single-handedly? I am sure Gove is clapping his hands with glee.

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