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Edexcel Applied ICT Units 8 and 10

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by bingocheater, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Do you feel brave enough to name the moderator on this forum?

    This seems to be serious & ongoing issue
  2. Hi B&E,

    I'd be very grateful if you could send links or details of your Unit 8 & 10 projects.

    Like many users in this forum, I'm trying to find out what the moderators actually want from the students for these Units. The Edexcel exemplars are not that useful and their guidelines are confusing at best.

    I've just started A2 but am confused with requirements. AS was more straighforward - at least for me. Exemplars would be ideal for students so that the can see good practice.

    Many thanks for your help

  3. Bainsyboy - re: your comment "The issue about run-time files means that you cannot now use .exe as an acceptable format." - can you tell me where you found out that .exe files are not acceptable? Is this chapter and verse or just a rumour?
  4. This is definitely NOT a rumour - we had to move from Director to Flash because of it. In the first year, it was ok for .exe, but the rules were then changed.
    I believe there is something about it on the Edexcel ICT web site.
    The allowable file formats can be found on http://dida.edexcel.org.uk/home/spb/toolkit/
    The same files are permissable for DiDA and ICT Applied. I think it was also at an Edexcel meeting I was at as well (with AA - principal mod).
  5. Could somebody please advise me, last year in unit 10 my students created e-learning tutorials using Dreamweaver with Flash quizzes incorporated yet they still got marked down. From reading the posts on this thread saying Dreamweaver is not acceptable then why does it say in the specification for Unit 10 page 170 " Resources"

    "learners will need access to software - web authoring eg Macromedia Dreamweaver"

    I am really confused with this and any help would be appreciated

  6. I get my students to create their entire end-product in Flash, making sure that they all show evidence of manipulating the timeline in Flash in their project diary.

    At one of the early meetings about A2 I am pretty sure that Dreamweaver was discounted by Edexcel as it is primarily web authoring software and this is not a web design unit. Having said that, a lot of my students create interactive revision guides which could just as easily act as websites.

    I think Dreamweaver is listed as all the evidence for the unit has to be presented in e-portfolio format and Dreamweaver is one way of doing this.

    Hope that helps!
  7. Thanks

    Thats been most helpful.
  8. Is there any chance you could email me a copy of Unit 8 example material please?


    I'm a new teacher and the guy who taught ict applied last year has left. All of his work for unit 8 came back down marked too. One student who he had gave a C to got a U!

    Also, i have just got the students to design a Gantt chart using excel rather than use project management software. Is this OK?

    Thanks for any help

  9. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    As you say it IS a serious and ongoing issue however I would STRONGLY oppose the naming of any moderators on any public forum.

    IF there are issues these MUST be dealt with through the exam board.

    IF a moderator is at fault this will be identified in the exam board's rigorous monitoring systems and appropriate steps taken.

  10. Do not do your Gantt chart in Excel. You will get VERY few marks for this. There are free programs you can download and use - or you could use the Excel add-on (can't remember the name right now).

    As a moderator for units 8 and 10 I can honestly say that projects do not go from a C to a U without a lot of things wrong - usually not reading the spec. For unit 8 in particular most people do not include deliverables other than the product for strand D - which limits the marks to MB1 no matter how could the product is.

  11. CC4rhu

    Thanks for the useful comment to the earlier question about unit 8. Could you be more specific? What other deliverables are Edexcel looking for in Section D? What would you, as a moderator, be on the look out for?


  12. thanks CC

    yeah, i've been through the spec today and had a look at old examiner reports. at no point in the spec does it mention 2 documents for section a. it is only when you read the examiner report does it mention the project proposal and the definition of scope as 2 seperate documents! i wish they would make things clearer!

    and if anybody has an a/b grade example of work, i would be very grateful. edexcel just supply d grade work on their website plus its a combo of unit 8 and 11 not 8 and 10


  13. Hi, it states in the guidance on page 136 mark band ONE:
    <font face="TrebuchetMS" size="2"><font face="TrebuchetMS" size="2">For full marks in this band, the product must meet most of the</font></font><font face="TrebuchetMS" size="2"><font face="TrebuchetMS" size="2">
    objectives, with some of the deliverables produced meeting agreed

    quality criteria.

    On page 127 section 8.9 it lists deliverables as:

    product (which most centres do)

    documentation (i.e. a user guide or how to guide - some centres do)

    user training (very few centres do)

    without a minimum of a product and some sort of user documentation you cannot move out of MB1 no matter how good the product is.



  14. I totally agree that the spec is open to interpretation and goal posts have certainly been moved over the past few years.

    With regards to the 2 separate documents it does say on page 130 that a project definition document that defines the scope should be included. I've always read that to be separate from the project proposal.

  15. I have a heard r<font face="Times New Roman" size="3">umour from a collegue </font>that there have been changes in the senior team for this spec?

    CC4rhu have you heard anything as a moderator?
    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3"></font>
  16. Nothing at all. I don't think its a worry though as the senior team was shuffled a bit last year too.

  17. I have had all these same issues with unit 8 and 10 this year. Almost direct conversion from raw to ums. Marks halved in a lot of cases. Despite work exceeding the sample standards and meeting the guidelines for assessment.

    This has resulted in students 2 grades below expected and missing university places.

    Did anyone else find the same? Did anyone have luck with an EAR 3 re mark request? Im desperate here, my marking has never been questioned in the past at AS or A2!
  18. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    This is an old thread to resurrect. The problem with asking for a remark is that students who got the grades to get where they need to will not agree as marks can go down as well . Therefore your chances of getting a remark are very slim.
  19. Hi bacon and egg, I would very much appreciate some exemplars of units 8 and 10 as we are repeatedly marked down no matter what we do. My email address:


    Many thanks :)
  20. happycat123

    happycat123 New commenter

    Hi Bacon and egg,

    I'm teaching Units 8 and 10 this year and would really appreciate if you could send me exemplars of any A/B grade work you have.

    many thanks

    my email is: happycat1232015@gmail.com

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