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Edexcel Applied ICT Units 8 and 10

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by bingocheater, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. All grades down marked to D's and E's regardless of the initial grade. No clue why and still waiting for the bloody moderators report to get emailed. to me....

    I have no clue why this has happened. think this is the last straw.... off to the welsh board I think.

  2. All grades down marked to D's and E's regardless of the initial grade. No clue why and still waiting for the bloody moderators report to get emailed. to me....

    I have no clue why this has happened. think this is the last straw.... off to the welsh board I think.

  3. Have a look on edexcelonline for your moderator's report you'll find them there. See exams officer of you don't have access to this.
  4. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Despite the discussions at a meeting in Manchester last year we have STILL been marked down on units 8 & 10. Unit 7 we got several grade As so we must be doing something right!

    I'm still trying to get the moderator's report from edexcelonline.
  5. wilkinss

    wilkinss New commenter


    If it was not for colleagues on this forum from a couple of years ago I would be on serious anti depressants by now as I was in this position two years ago and it was not pleasant, the violation of students and parents was awful and I will never forget it!

    Drop me an email and I can see if I can help you at all sue.wilkins2@ntlworld.com.

    Ring up edexcel demanding your moderator reports, mine came through within a couple of hours and this may help you but then again it may not!
  6. What are your understanding(s) of what is required for the "Unit 10 Multimedia Product"?

    Last year we submitted mainly dreamweaver-authored website-type products - and didn't get marked down. This year, we tried to get away from this model by working in Flash and incorporating more animation/interactive/video content. We got marked down by approximately two grades.

    What exactly is it that the moderators want? There seems to be an alarming lack of consistency here.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a clear and specific definition?
  7. Hi all
    We had a very small cohort this year, and results were A B B D. Edexcel actually INCREASED the marks I had given! I slipped up about 2 years ago so have been very harsh this year. This forum has been fab and I have found example projects from other schools really useful - if you would like me to send you our work as an example leave your email adds.
    This is the last year I will be teaching the Applied as we're moving to IB (just as I think I've got it sorted!) all i can say is example projects have been a life saver.
  8. Well done B&E - thats an excellent result (75% A-B!)

    Could you point me towards the 'example projects' - the only one I know about is the Golf Scoring spreadsheet, which ain't much help for Unit 10!
  9. Hi
    Some very kind teachers sent me their students' work so I could use them as examples. If you post your email add - or send me a message through the TES I'll post ours to you.
  10. Edexcel have just released another set of exemplar material - it is available via the ICT minisite (don't have the address handy but you should be able to get it via the main site). It is where the original sample work (the spreadsheet one) was posted to.

    If there's problems, post back here & I'll add the address.

  11. Hmm
    Not too sure if it is the same one as they recently sent me.
    This is the link I got:
    There's the work from the training they've done this year on this site for most of the units. Not looked at it yet, but I still can't understand the point of using work that is a fail. I still think that there isn't enough higher level work. There should be, by now, exemplars of A grade work for all the units. Why is it not freely available to download?

  12. The link above is for a different e-portfolio. This one was produced as part of a sample portfolio a couple of years ago, produced by a relative of a principal moderator (who I believe is a commercial web design person ~ I know who it is but not posting here!). It is just an A if I remember. It would be interesting to mark this one and compare it to the other sample one! I wonder how much of a difference there might be....
  13. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    The "Dog and Bone" and the previous exemplar "phases" are very much poorer than the work our candidates have produced; both this year and previously, and yet we're STILL marked down.

    Our highest mark after moderation was 58UMS. This is a student we gave 52 RAW. We're down by the conversion to UMS as they UMS totals are very close to our original RAW marks.

    This is very depressing - thanks sue for your offer of help.

  14. DEmsley, drop me an e-mail to ishbain@aol.com. I might be able to help more than I want to post on here....

  15. Hi All

    I am to start teaching these units for the first time, does anybody have any examples that I could borrow / look to see what standard I should be getting the students to aim for.

    Also, I am unsure of the software I should use for unit 10,

    Was thinking about using dreamweaver to create the webpages and flash to create buttons, etc.

    Any ideas

  16. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    This the thing I am confused and cannot get clarification on. The PM has made it abundantly clear that websites are NOT acceptable; yet the first grade A exemplar - Phases - was a website (and a very poor one at that - Key Stage 3 level 5 students can do that kind of thing).

    Dog and Bone is much simpler and less well produced (and documented) than our students' work yet we get marked down.

    The moderator's report says we should have provided "run-time" versions yet these are not listed as acceptable filetypes on the moderators' toolkit.

    My head is spinning.

  17. wilkinss

    wilkinss New commenter

    When I went to the course for Unit 10 a couple of years ago, the person delivering the course stated it was her Son who had created the Phase One exemplar and it was in Flash. It was also stated there that Dreamweaver was not acceptable must to other attendees horror. We create our unit 10 Multimedia in Flash and send off as a .swf file and an exe. version. There has been lots of discussion on this forum about .exe files and the potential threats of them for this unit but we cover ourselves with sending in the two versions.
  18. The issue about run-time files means that you cannot now use .exe as an acceptable format. This meant that we had to change from using Director to Flash (which wasn't a huge issue now).
    It MUST be multimedia and NOT a web-site. We have used tutorials with animation etc. The main thing is that you end up with a stand-alone .swf file.
  19. We have been marked down because of several issues which go against themeeting in manc i went too. We must have agendas last year no agendas and all fine, and no agendas in the samples. This is all about how the moderator interpretied the work. Sick off this mess

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